I've been duped!

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  • Vidiot
    cantleave - "The person who left the mags was probably embarrassed to leave the newer, dumbed down, super-slim versions."

    Acuallly... that... kind of makes sense.

  • Jeffro

    Amelia Ashton:

    It doesn't matter how old the magazines are, the information contained in them never goes out of date.
    Do they have that in print anywhere?

    Yes. Well... almost.

    The Watchtower 15 May 1957, page 313 (Appreciating Basic Christian Publications):

    Do you dig out older publications to expand and deepen your knowledge on subjects about which questions arise?

    United in Worship (1983), page 145:

    If you do not have older publications to which an index refers, check the library at the Kingdom Hall.

    1971 Yearbook, page 247:

    Even older publications can bring spiritual food to meek ones.

    Our Kingdom Ministry, January 1999, page 8 (Make Good Use of Older Books):

    While some of us may feel that these books are out-of-date in comparison with our newer publications, we must remember that they contain Scriptural truth.

    Our Kingdom Ministry, April 2011, page 3:

    Many congregations have accumulated a supply of older publications. Why not obtain copies for your personal theocratic library? Of course, likely you already have access to the contents of some of these older publications in Watchtower Library. However, there are benefits to having a hard copy too. Are you studying with a progressive Bible student? Then encourage him to obtain these older publications and begin building his personal library. The Theocratic Ministry School overseer should make sure that the Kingdom Hall library contains any older publications that the congregation has in stock. These publications still have value. It is better for us to make use of them than to leave them at the congregation’s literature counter!

    Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education (2002), page 38:

    Realize, too, that some points in older publications of ours may have been updated, so consider what has most recently been published on the topic.
  • truthhurts13

    Yea I heard they have 2 versions of the mags now. The Live Forever and the NON live forever versions

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