Religious Hypocrisy Condemned - WT Study Article week of July 8-14, 2013

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  • Oubliette

    Oh, the irony!

    The attitude and conduct of true Christians stand in sharp contrast with the mere outward show of godly devotion of those whose worship is often no more than a hypocritical ploy. Some religious leaders have become wealthy by defrauding their flocks, using much of the money thus obtained to acquire expensive homes and automobiles.” – w13 05/15, p. 12, para. 16

    May the reader draw his or her own conclusion:

    JF Rutherford with his yellow Cadillac in front of Beth Sarim

    JF Rutherford with his yellow Cadillac in front of Beth Sarim in San Diego, California

    Beth Sarim was built in San Diego, California in 1929. Rutherford died at the property in 1942.

    Joseph Franklin Rutherford (November 8, 1869 – January 8, 1942), also known as "Judge" Rutherford, was the second president of the incorporated Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

    Personal life

    The standard of Rutherford's accommodation and his personal conduct attracted criticism from some Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses in the 1930s. Walter F. Salter, the Society's former branch manager in Canada, wrote a public letter to Rutherford in 1937, the month he was expelled from the religion, claiming that Rutherford had exclusive use of "luxurious" and "expensive" residences (in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Germany, and San Diego), as well as two Cadillacs and alleged that on more than one occasion he had purchased for Rutherford cases of whiskey, brandy, beer and other liquors, and 'go from "drink to drink"'.

    In July 1939 Olin R. Moyle, legal counsel for the Society, wrote an open letter of resignation to the president, in which he complained about behavior of some members of the Watch Tower Society, including Rutherford himself, that he considered excessive and inappropriate. Moyle mentioned California when discussing "the difference between the accommodations furnished to you, and your personal attendants, compared with those furnished to some of your brethren." Moyle also accused Rutherford of "unkind treatment of the staff, outbursts of anger, discrimination and vulgar language" and condemned his allowing the "glorification of alcohol" at Bethel.

    Penton notes that Moyle was a "teetotaller" and "puritanical", but claims Rutherford's drinking habits were "notorious" and cites unnamed former Brooklyn Bethel workers who told of occasional difficulties in getting Rutherford to the podium to give public talks due to inebriation.

    Rutherford and friends enjoying a few drinks

    Oh, the irony!

  • sosoconfused

    Rofl... you have to love when they condemn themselves this way. I believe he had two of those cadillacs. One was a convertible and the other a hardtop


    This does not even include Beth-Shan... The WTBTS made over 800 million on their real estate deals in NY, and they are building a huge complex in Warwick, and they use contributions for hedge-fund investments. They also build multi-million dollar Assembly Halls complete with credit card readers. I almost laughed out loud when I read that paragraph.

  • Oubliette

    Rutherford with two different Cadillacs. Note the windscreen visor in the top picture and the divided windshield in the bottom:



  • prologos

    actually we see three cadillacs in these pictures

    sunny california when you drive yourself

    the NY version with hard spare wheel covers, shade visor and

    the OHIO full convertable parade car.

    May be he traded every year for new to save the WT BtS money on repairs.

    a penny saved is a dollar earned.

    "God does not like cheap" TV evangelist when asked about Gold faucets for his pets.

  • Oubliette

    prologos: I actually we see three cadillacs in these pictures

    You're right. I meant to put two more cadillacs.

    Good catch!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Mind you.............this was the time of the Great Depression.


  • prologos

    D O C: depressing?

    DO THE RICH religious potentates CREATE JOBS?

    WT BtS: reverse Robin Hood.

    Take from the poor and give to the rich FDS himself.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith alone...For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also" - James 2: 24, 26

    Al Capone vs. Judge Rutherford

    Al Capone gained his power by exploiting the weaknesses of people.

    Judge Rutherford gained his power by exploiting the weaknesses of people.

    Al Capone lived and acted like a King using his own money.

    Judge Rutherford lived and acted like a King using everyone else's money.

    In 1923, before the Great Depression, Al Capone bought a very nice house on a small plot of land for $5,500.

    At the start of the Great Depression in 1929 Judge Rutherford had a mansion built for $25,000, excluding the 100 acres of land he possessed around the home. As soon as his mansion was built, Rutherford bragged he was offered $75,00 for it.

    Al Capone eventually had two homes, including a 4,000 square foot mansion in Florida.
    Judge Rutherford eventually had five homes, including two 5,000+ square foot mansions in California, a luxury apartment in Manhattan (worth millions today), a home on Staten Island, and a residence in Germany.

    Al Capone was one of the very few elite rich people who bought a 1930 V-16 Cadillac. That car cost between $5,400 and $9,200 and that was during the Great Depression. A new Ford that year only cost $600, which means one could buy about 15 new Ford automobiles for the cost of that one Cadillac.

    Judge Rutherford was one of the very few elite rich people who did not own one of those V-16 Cadillacs: he owned TWO of them.

    Al Capone had 1 yacht.

    Judge Rutherford had 2 yachts.

    The finances of Al Capone's city-wide empire were known to no one but himself and his accountant.

    The finances of Judge Rutherford's WORLD-wide empire were known to no one but himself and his accountant.

    Al Capone lived with his wife and son.

    Judge Rutherford would not live with his wife and son or even visit them or cause them to visit him.

    Al Capone had at least one mistress.

    Judge Rutherford had at least one mistress.

    Al Capone was very close to his son, Sonny.

    Judge Rutherford's son Malcolm despised his father and wouldn't even attend his father's funeral.

    Al Capone smuggled illegal whisky and sold it.

    Judge Rutherford smuggled illegal whiskey and drank it.

    Al Capone got all of his money illegally.

    Judge Rutherford got all of his money immorally.

    Al Capone did not pay enough taxes on his ill-gotten fortune.

    Judge Rutherford did not pay ANY taxes on his ill-gotten fortune.

    Al Capone assassinated his enemies.

    Judge Rutherford assassinated the character of his enemies.

    Al Capone sold a tangible product which gave value and cheer for those who drank alcohol.

    Judge Rutherford sold failed promises which had virtually no value or cheer, and gave only disappointment and bitterness for those who believed him.

    Al Capone never claimed to exclusively represent the interests of God.

    Judge Rutherford always claimed to exclusively represent the interests of God.

    Al Capone had personal bodyguards.

    Judge Rutherford had personal bodyguards.

    Al Capone always traveled first class.

    Judge Rutherford always traveled first class.

    Al Capone never wrote any worthless books.

    Judge Rutherford wrote dozens of worthless books.

    Al Capone wasn't an alcoholic.

    Judge Rutherford was a first-class alcoholic.

    Al Capone's friends attended his funeral.

    Judge Rutherford had no friends.

    Al Capone never incited people into riots.

    Judge Rutherford incited thousands of people into riots.

    Al Capone once had a charity that helped the poor.

    Judge Rutherford never had any charity for the poor, and he spent his life doing his best to make and keep everyone associated with him poor.

    Al Capone never spent months of his time visiting Europe.

    Judge Rutherford spent four months of every year visiting Europe.

    Al Capone bluffed his whole life, but at least he didn't brag about it.

    Judge Rutherford bluffed his whole life and bragged about it.

    Al Capone scorned and disobeyed the Law of the Land.

    Judge Rutherford scorned and disobeyed the Law of the Land.

    No one dared to question the orders of Al Capone.

    No one dared to question the orders of Judge Rutherford.

    Al Capone got syphilis brought on by his sexual exploits.

    Judge Rutherford got colon cancer brought on by his alcohol excesses.

    Al Capone lost his sanity due to his syphilis.

    Judge Rutherford lost his sanity without any outside help whatsoever.

    Al Capone paid his dozens of workers handsomely.

    Judge Rutherford didn't pay his tens of thousands of workers squat.

    Al Capone did not hate and vilify the government that gave and protected his freedoms.

    Judge Rutherford spent his entire life hating and vilifying the same government that gave and protected his freedoms.

    Al Capone was a very wicked man who never pretended to be otherwise.

    Judge Rutherford was a very wicked man who claimed to be the personal spokesman of God himself.

    "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. " - Matthew 24:4

  • Oubliette

    Al Capone murdered John Scalise and Albert Anselmi using a baseball bat. He is also suspected early on in his career of shooting to death Big Jim Collosimo, paving the way for himself and Johhnny Torrio to take over the Chicago rackets. He was arrested in '26 for killing three ppl, but the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. God knows how many people he killed with his own hands, but there's enough circumstantial evidence to show that it was at least 10 to 20.

    As for ordering murders, the estimate is between 500 and 1,000.

    Judge Rutherford may not have personally murdered anyone (as far as we know) but he did say that "millions now living will never die."

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