New video on "helping" prisoners

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    At our circuit assembly, prisoners would get a VIP section in the Coliseum and would also receive a round of applause when it was time for them to go during the last pause for announcements (they had to leave earlier than everyone else as per the arrangement with the prison ward)... But the 50 or so prisoners were usually a lot more interested in checking out the sisters who had on the tight dresses than paying attention to the snore fest... You should see these guys drooling every time a sister got up to go to the bathroom...

  • pixel

    Why are people complaining about the WT/GB/FDS saying ""Jehovahs witnesses are all about education"?

    Don't you know the WT is the hightest authority in defining words? Jeezz people don't get it. When they say "education", they mean Watchtower-approved education, which is: Teach book and alike.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    If visiting prisons wasn't counted on the field service reports, would jws do it out of the sheer goodness of their hearts? Do the other groups who visit prisons count time or log hours and deeds? I bet no and no.

  • Phizzy

    The "education" they refer to is of course simply indoctrination in to the JW/WT Cult.

    The frightening thing too is that I do not think they would refrain from studying with Paedophiles, who when they are released and get to go to a KH or two will find their kind of Paradise for sure.

    The poor unprotected, totally vulnerable, JW children !

  • cedars

    Is this what you call a "captive audience?"


  • smiddy

    Let me give you a personal account from an australian experience . I remember reading something like this video in a WT.? experience in either the 70`s or 80`s if my memory serves me correct. And at the time being a good JW I was impressed that they do this.

    The reality of my experience with Jehovahs Witnesses & the prison system here in Australia was an eye opener . Without going into specifics of what crimes were committed by the individuals involved , the reality was a far cry from what was said in the magazine or what was portrayed in this video .

    I am going back 20 years ago now , roughly about a few years after the magazine article came out.

    I was visiting a JW who was incarcerated for a crime he committed in remand centre and who was visited by a brother who was authourised by the society to do visits to jails .I had opportunity to discuss with this bro.the ins and outs of what his role was and how he went about it .

    What he said blew my mind. He came in as a visitor to the person concerned only on designated visiting times , in other words when the general public had visitation rights .He never identified himself as a jehovahs witness doing visits to inmates .

    As far as the penal system was concerned they never knew their was a "clergy " class visiting innmates. In contrast other religions could come and go as they pleased to visit their flock outside of normal visiting hours. But not Jehovahs Witnesses they didnt want the authorities to know their were JW`s in their midst. So to me who has had personal experience with this, it is just spin, and bullshit propoganda blowing their own trumpet.


  • smiddy

    "Jehovah's witnesses are all about education and improving oneself."......OH YEAHHHHHHH ?

    The education JW`s are talking about is what they say in their magazines books etc.any and everything published by the WTB&TS .Once you are baptised try doing independant research ,looking at sources other than those approved by the WTB&TS and see how far you get. And if you come to a conclusion other than the WT society you will be disfellowshipped and cut off from any other member of your family who are baptised

    Its all about "spin" how many times have JW`s in print, warned about higher education? going to universaty?the dangers of such knowledge taking you away from serving Jehovah ?........numerous times.

    This video is just another example of "spin" and "propoganda" to dupe the uninnitiative .


  • Oculos Aperire
    Oculos Aperire

    Shirts and ties? Are they sure? That's just... mental.

  • LongHairGal


    I would never get involved with prison witnessing and refused to go. They said it was perfectly "safe" but I wasn't interested.

    I had a scenario in my mind where some prisoner could get an early release and be in a mall somewhere and recognize some "JW" who used to visit. That unsuspecting "sister/brother" could be followed to their car...with disastrous results!

    On the topic of them providing an education:

    What a joke!

    Saying they give a good education may be so if compared to actual illiteracy.

    This is like saying that hot-dogs and potato chips is a good diet when compared to actual starvation.

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