Life and the Universe Most Astounding Fact

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  • prologos

    still thinking, thank you for encouraging me to watch the video put up by J.B.

    so what was the main point?;

    That God or ID was invoked by the great men that had reached the pinnacle of their research. but

    that did not stop further research but made further advances possible because there were new questions to be answered and the

    next thrust was not "we know now", the answer is GOD or ID, but

    the next research goal was always : how does THIS work?

    I believe this elusive goal is a healthy encouragement, perhaps meant to always have exitement for all future generations to come.

    The best and brightest are not working in religion, not even in lower level education.

    Life & the Universe ARE the most astounding fact


    he said 15% of the top scientists believe in Intelligence in Design/ Creator.

    The apostate army is strong even in the science establishment and

    dont forget:

    the apostates are the ones that have the future truth.

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