Jehovah's HALF-WITnesses and the BOOKS of DEPTH (gone forever)

by Terry 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • jookbeard

    The Revelation Climax! book probably sowed the seeds for my exit such horse crap it was

  • punkofnice

    Anybody remember those turgid 2 Isaiah books? Crikey. 2 volumes of complete worthless crap. A waste of a tuesday evening at the group. Such bad memories.

  • DeWandelaar

    The daniel book... that was a lot of crap (especially when they started saying that prophecies were fullfiled by a speech on a certain DC on a certain year. They even used the Rutherford speech as a fullfillment...

  • Vidiot
    jookbeard - "The Revelation Climax! book probably sowed the seeds for my exit..."

    Yeah, learning about how the UN actually functions (and just how powerless it truly is in the grand scheme of things) and having the old Soviet Union collapse in the 90s made it harder and harder to view Frad Franz' eschatology as plausible.

  • Terry

    I can't believe I thought it was important to MEMORIZE that stupid chronology chart in the back of Babyle the Great has Fallen!

    What a wicked imagination old Freddy had and he dared to concoct with full impunity. Who was going to say to him, "Now see here, Fred--where and how is this supported?"

  • jws

    Rutherford's Rainbow? You know they would say about him in these days? What a rainbow bumper sticker means...

  • Vidiot
    Terry - "What a wicked imagination old Freddy had and he dared to concoct with full impunity."

    It wasn't even really his imagination, remember?

    You've said it yourself; most of his eschatology was cribbed from the Millerites... he just injected it with a significant dose of mid-20th Century right-wing conspiracy theory, and threw in a dash of Hal Lindsay. There was a lot more cross-pollinization of ideas between apocalyptic millennialist groups back in those days.

    I will say this, though; he married it all together into a pretty effective canon. The man could really write.

  • goodsoul

    I can recall, how I was conducting study of "climax" and "Daniel" books.

    ..god knows my pain.

    But I did my best )).. unfortunately- in the name of WTS ((

  • sarahsmile

    Did anyone prove how evolution was wrong by taking the Evolution book to school?

    I remember the overseer visiting book studies just for students. I think it was the first year evolution was taught in the class room and the subject lasted a week but hey we Jdubs were prepared.

    Also were you taught to prove God's name by using the encyclopedia? puke. It is too bad someone grew up and became a JW.

  • westiebilly11

    Man's salvation out of world distress.....freedom everlasting as sons of god....things in which it is impossible for god to lie...all pushing the 1975 end.....promises promises.....

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