Jehovah's HALF-WITnesses and the BOOKS of DEPTH (gone forever)

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  • Terry


    You know which ones I mean if you're familiar with the previous decades of Jehovah's HALF-WITnesses.




    FRED FRANZ books


    Rember how seemingly DEEP those books were? Wow! It was so obvious that Jehovah was dumping tons of TRUTH on the WT Society!

    And then it stopped!

    1975 came and went and the uproar over false prophecy and half-wit chronology charts embarassed Jehovah's Witnesses all over the planet.

    Freddy Franz became the Society's President but his real power had been defanged circa 1972 when Knorr's status was diluted.

    The last hurrah of "profound" lunacy was produced!

    A STEAMING PILE if ever there was one!


    After that the religion became filled with half-wit-nesses. The Watchtower shrunk. The paranoia took hold.

    The crackdown on Disfellowship policy turned spooky CULT quality in 1983. APOSTATES became the new buzzword of fear and loathing.

    ALL those powerful old books were never used for TEACHING, REPROVING or SETTING THINGS STRAIGHT ever again!

    The internet had turned the quotations in those books into prima facie evidence the leaders in the GB were intellectually bankrupt!

    Stealing from 2nd Adventists was too easy to expose. Lying about the Bible Students movement was transparent. Plagarized Ellen White

    "new light" made the whole religion a laughing stock thanks to YouTube.

    There are no GREAT THINKERS in the Watchtower Society and certainly no GREAT WRITERS!

    The "meat in due season" is rotting in a landfill because it was never nutrition in the first place.

    Jehovah's HALF-WITnesses called it THE TRUTH and made millions of publishers carry to strangers and households all over the world.

    But, the quality of the "truth" is now evident by the fact THOSE PUBLICATIONS ARE WORTHLESS for teaching anybody anything...

    except an object lesson in hubris!

    This religion is Doomed by its poverty of intellect and the emptiness of its ideas.

    It is merely a matchstick kingdom of rule enforcement disguised as Jehovah's Kingdom.

  • Crazyguy

    They have sufficiently dumbed down the followers that they can no longer read above a third grade level.

  • sarahsmile

    Can you cut out the heads of the old guys and placed them on the matches?

    Hmm, the Revelation books series: The Finished Mystery, Then Is The Finished Mystery, Babylon The Great Has Fallen, Revelation Its Grand Climax Is At Hand. Missing one! I think they did two Then Is The Finshed Mystery.

    I was at the book studies for all but Russells book. They were hell on children. They are due for another Revelation book, bummer. Need to write them until Armageddon to prove who they are in the time line. Warning the world.

    All the other books were on my mother's book case. I remember when she said they were old books. Society encoraged people to get rid of them.

  • clarity

    Then there is the little green book .."Your Will Be Done On Earth"!


    Published in 1958, it says on pg 360 ...


    "Now the final world powers of all history are about to fall, yes,

    communism also! According to the pattern of history, trouble

    could not be otherwise than expected. The trouble is already

    upon us. But worse is yet to come.

    For a destruction comes

    not by the hands of men raised in suicidal nuclear war,

    but by the hand of Almighty God, by his kingdom with Christ

    in power. A whole world will end!"



  • punkofnice

    I thought the old books at least were interesting. I liked the Babylon book and found it far more interesting than the Relevation Klimax book. I later discovered how crazy the Babylon book was but hey.

    It was the arrogant claims that the ramblings of John and the 'trumpet blasts(TM)' pointed to some pillocks in the trees listening to Rutherford. Utter balderdash.

    They're crackers to assert such bunk.

  • designs

    My older sister came to visit my parents years ago at a time when they had the Book Study in their home and the Grand Climax book was being studied. My sister, who is Episcopalian, sat in on the study. To say she was stunned is probably to funny a word, she could not even get the words out to describe what she had witnessed first hand. lol

    'Look John what do we see next!' Aaaahhhhhh

  • Jim_TX

    I believe part of the reason for their lack of ... hubris ... is that the lawyers are now running the show.

  • TotallyADD

    One thing I can say punkofnice was when I was a kid studying the Babylon book it did help me do better in world history class at school. The teacher thought I was some kind of genius when it came to knowing the names of the ancient world powers. One of the very few classes I did good in. Before I left our book study group was having a hard time understanding the climax book. I could just see them trying to understand the old babylon book. LOL Totally ADD

  • punkofnice

    TotallyADD - When I conducted the group study of the boring Daniel book I actually used the Babylon book and the Finished Mystery (was it?). I felt the doctrine was explained better than the boring Daniel book.

  • TotallyADD

    Amen to that one punkofnice. Totally ADD

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