One less celebrity Scientologist

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  • Gopher

    Hi Las Malvinas:

    One way the Scientology organization is similar to the Watchtower corporation is that they both are real-estate titans. We have a fancy Scientology facility here in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA where I live. It's the last of their big buildings pictured here in this link:

  • detective

    Love it when something like this happens. The more eyes on this high control group the better! Obviously, in her head, she's still "in" believing that tripe but it could take years before she really frees her mind. If ever.

  • Apognophos

    "My mother got involved when we were very young, so it was all we ever really knew, but over time my eyes opened."

    "We have lost friends that can no longer talk to us, who are still in the organization."

    If you never heard the word "Scientology" in this interview, what religion would you think they were talking about?

  • Gopher

    Yeah I saw Leah Remini was to be a guest on Ellen's show today. She's fully taking advantage of her appearances promoting her "Dancing With The Stars" participation to also answer questions about leaving Scientology. As implied in the previous post, there are many strong parallels between the born-into-Scientology experience with the born-into-JW one.

    I had a sad moment today when I learned that one of my favorite actresses, Laura Prepon of "That 70's Show" and "Orange Is The New Black" said she is a Scientologist.

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