Need insider info on this past wk's mtg!

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  • nativenyr23

    Ok. Just read the thread on the "special talk" today and how they mentioned apostates.

    Well, that explains why i had such a painful conversation today with my sister-in-law. She called to let me know that she and her mother had reached a painful decision abide by the shunning rule. up until today, we had a great relationship....everything was fine. They treated me normally (although we never discussed anything spiritual - following the "rules")...and out of now-where -BAM. I get the "we need to follow Jehovah's arrangements" conversation. Needless to say i was really hurt. My husband (it's his sister and mother who need to shun me - he's worldly) is furious. He's so pissed he wants to print out a bunch a flyers to place on their cars at the next meeting....something i've often thought about but never had the guts to do. Really funny, he's so pasionately angry about this and he's not ever been a witness,,just as a result of his mom and sister taking this decision now to "cut" me out.

    1. Can anybody share what was said at the meeting this past week re:apostates, disfellowshiped ones, etc.? They said they reached this decision 4 days ago and haven't slept since.

    2. Any advice on good information that can be printed to place on cars to at least peak the interest of a few free-thinkers that might be hiding in their masses?? I figured no info...just several web addresses might be good. That way, they don't immediate dismiss what they are reading.

    What do you guys think? I'm still really hurt by this phone call today. I mean, i've been shunned, and f...k it, doesn't usually bother me. but what's bothering me so much about this one is we were close and then all of a sudden THIS.

  • elbobbo

    Wait a little while before your start putting flyers out or do anything else to the KH. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold. If you do something right away they're going to know who did it. Let them wait and think everything is ok. That way when you finaly do something they won't have a clue where it came from.
    not that I'd know or anything..............

  • david_10

    Hi Diana. I haven't heard anything about the special talk, but others on the board will clue us in. I'm sure sorry to hear about the family problem that's developed because of it. In my opinion, I don't think that retaliating or fighting back in any way will help and it would probably be very counter productive. If you were to put flyers on cars at the Kingdom Hall or something, it would only convince them that Jehovah's arrangement is a protection and is the best way after all. No one would ever speak to you again. However, if you just ride it out and act natural, maybe it will blow over in a while and your family will loosen up a little. I really feel for you-----good luck.


  • nativenyr23

    Yeah, i know.
    you guys are right.

    But my husband wanted to do the flyer thing....and he's not a witness, never has been.....minimal risk for backlash to me.

    but it would be a fun thing to do after this blows over.


  • Pathofthorns

    I can understand your frustration. I would also ask you to consider re-thinking the flyer option. These sorts of things are just not read and enforce their own delusions that they are under attack and the need to stay close to "mother".

    I get the "we need to follow Jehovah's arrangements" conversation.
    These stints of self-righteous intent to "do more", "stay close to Jehovah's organization", etc are typical of many Witnesses after a particularly guilt or fear inspiring talk, such as at conventions or the special talk as was the case with your mother. Generally, I find within a week or two people are back to normal as real life sets in once again, so I would not really be terribly concerned. It is just a temporary emotional reaction (usually).

    Once you accept your mother is just stuck on the emotional roller coaster in JW La La Land you won't get as upset over the thoughtless things they say and do.


  • SixofNine
    they reached this decision 4 days ago and haven't slept since.

    I hope you let them know that that part (the not sleeping for 4 days) seems almost human.

  • Moxy

    the apostate discussion wasnt in the special talk, it was in the WT study. it wasnt a big thing, just one mention in one paragraph. something like, 'satan's minister's, including apostates, keep transforming themselves into ministers of light. so if we pay attention to their false reasoning, it could shipwreck our faith in gods word.' however, since the WT study article was SOOOO boring, just about any point that could be elaborated was. so in our hall, there was some discussion about apostates and the internet. id guess most halls had a few comments on this point.


  • dungbeetle

    I would hazard a guess it could also be the May issue of the Watchtower that I hope someone will put the remainder of, up on the board... [>:(] (pretty please!!)

    But in any case, here is more 'spiritual food'... <gag> <choke> (bold is mine)


    14 To those at sea during the hours of darkness, any light is a welcome sight. In times past, fires were lit on the rocky cliffs of England to refuge from storms could be found. Ships' crews were grateful to be guided by these lights into safe harbor. Some fires, though, were decoys. Instead of finding a harbor, many vessels were mislead and were wrecked on the rocky shoreling, where there cargos were stolen. In this deceptive world, we must be careful not to be drawn to decoy lights that can lure us to spiritual shipwreck. "Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light, we are told. Likewise, his servants, including apostates, are "deceitful workers" who "also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness." If we entertain the false reasonings of such ones, our confidence in Jehovah's Word of truth, the Bible, can be weakened and our faith can die. --2 Corinthians 11: 13-15; 1 Timothy 1: 19.

  • lydia

    that might make this unexpected letter make a bit more sense..

    since I have just today learned that you have disasociated yourself from the kingdom hall and Jehovah, I will not be returning any more e-mails or speaking to you again. You know that as a baptized Witness. I can no longer have any relationship with you at all. I can only speak to you if there would be some medical emergency or as such, as you already know. The most heart wrenching thing is that once aain I lose nieces and a nephew over this. At least, let the kids know that I love them and always shall ! And, I shall miss what shoud have been and could have been. However, YOU have made this choice for yourself, your children, my self and my family and for Jehovah....Respect what you know I must do to follow the Bible...Leave us alone now. I shall be deleting you adresses and phone numbers from my computer and phone books. And somehow, I must leave you to be whoever it is you have decided you need to be.
    I wondered why,
    after I was upfront with this person..
    and I had recieved an invite to her son's wedding ( I didn't attend) and recived a nasty e-mail about not showing,
    I recieved its all making sense....

    Long live the apostates!!!


  • lydia

    Wonder if they counted the time they spent writting that as fieldservice??????
    just a thought.....

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