They Came Back!

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  • jerome

    My dear trudy

    After the experience I had today i nolonger wish to converse with any active Jehovahs Witness about the vadility of their theology.

    like I said before.

    They make me wanna pull out my hair. I just cant deal with that kind of stress at my young age.

    It is really really fustrating to know that your right about something and be willing to explain it but when you do you get shot out the air for speaking the truth.

    There is only one person who I will allow to raise my blood pressure in trying to get them to see the light.

    The questions that you gave me are ok but I only ask questions that i think will envoke a response.

    The two main issues that I would discuss with Witnesses are

    1) The UN scandal

    2) The Historical Destruction of jesurlem.

    Because they cannot prove them false.

    Anything reguarding the Bible is a waste of time.

    They can take any verse out of the Bible and make it say anything that they want it to. So it makes no sense telling them that they are wrong.

    I aint wasting no more time discussing anything with them. All i will do is bring up things that they cannot prove to be false. Simple.

    It is really hard on me to indure the kind of agitation involved with talking to somebody that cannot use their intellegence.
    When you see smart people saying the most stupd things it really makes you wanna scream.

    And what is worse you really want to help them and they just shoot you out of the sky. I'm shure that you all know how that feels.

    What is the since of showing somebody something when you know that they wont understand?

    Somehow they have managed to block every avenue that would allow you to make way.

    I just wanted to see if I could make any way with a Witness with all the knowledge that i've gathered over the months but as it would seem the knowledge that I have isnt good enough to defeate the attitude that they possess.

    With the kind attitude that Witnesses have about the world any discussion is bound to be futile.

    I right now am involved with an active Witness, and her mother and the rest of her family do not know that I will never have anything to do with that religion infact I warn people about it.
    Do you see my dilema?

    When they find out about it, my relationship with her would come under intense pressure. So I have been thinking of ways to break the news to them but after today, I have to rethink the intire stragety.

    Whats worse it that she still believes that it is the truth.

    My gf looked at me stragight in the eye and told me that shunning is an act of love.

    The thing is that ending the relationship isnt even really an option. She has been through alot and I wont abon this relationship over a Religion like the Wachtower.

    To think that in a way I was better off when I thought that jehovahs Witnesses were just ordinary christians.

    I dont really need to talk about this anymore its all too depressing.

    So now I have to start all over from scratch.

    Back to the drawing board.


    Edited to call turdy, trudy

  • jerome

    New Light I am

    19 she is 18.

    It dosent really matter how many topics that they bring up you will get nowhere with any of them.

    I think, at least I hope, that I know better than to tell my gf's parents that I wont ever become a jw.


    I knew that JWs were impossible before I came to this board but I thought that I would somehow find a better way to communicate with them. But that plan fell throught thusfar.

    But I know have a fair amount of information that the Watchtower wants kept secret so its this kinda stuff that i'll bring up.

    Have you ever heard of trial and error?

    Well I tried and I made lots of errs.

    Now I hope to learn from my mistakes.


  • Pathofthorns
    Lessons Learned.

    Jehovahs Witnesses are the most difficult people on earth to talk to.

    They do not make sense out of anything.

    You are wasting your breath trying to Witness to one.

    They somehow never seem to get the point about anythinhg that you are saying.

    You have to keep bringing them point of the matter you brought up.

    They are so proud of the fact that only they have the truth, it is inconseiveable that anyone could be right about anything pertaining to the bible but them.

    You should have a computer in the room, but even then it wont matter.

    Problems faced.

    You are expected to believe everything they say without question.

    Their logic fails me.

    They lie, and dont even bat an eye when their doing it.

    They dont usually know what it is that your talking about so most of the time you get a blank stare.

    Once you become a Witness its all over.

    Plan of action.

    Prevention is better than cure.

    I personally wont waste anymore time trying to talk to any of them nless I think that they are ready to hear it.

    But I may ocascionally anwser the door once in a while to listen to what they have to say and to take their magaziens and preserve them for evidence.

    I'll just warn all of my friends and family about them but other than that i'm not going out of my way to talk to anyone as stubbourn as they are.


    The Bible is a two edged sword wield it for evil and it you may get hurt.

    The Watchtower is Veeeeeeerrrrry good at what it does.
    It has to be stopped.

    Imagine if you had that sort of controll over 6 million people what you could do with it.

    I wanted to test out my new witnessing stragety with them but they stopped me at every corner.

    This was important to me because I have to worry about telling my gf's parents that I dont share their beliefs and I never will.

    Now that proposal dosent look too good.

    Its like they just cant get anything. And when you try to explain it they stop you over some trivial matter.

    It makes you wanna pull out your hair.

    So I really dont know what i'm going to do from here but go back to the drawing board. I'll have to think of a new way to break the news to her parents.

    Man, I had a good laugh reading your post. Your conclusions are right on and in many ways you are way ahead of many people on this board imo for having realized and accepted what you have.

    Those JWs most likely won't be back, or at least if they do come back, it will likely be some big shot elder who thinks he is the "apostate killer".

    I wouldn't waste any more of my time with them unless you have nothing more exciting to do. Again, nice job. You learned alot of things you have to see first hand to believe.


  • seven006


    You probably would have had a more enjoyable afternoon if you watched golf with your dad.
    I have not as of yet had a brick wall say anything to me worth while.

    take care


  • jerome

    I dont really care that much for golf so that wouldent really have made a difference. But I do like Tiger though.

    In another thread I said that I considered myself to be informed with reguards to the JWs.

    So I think I have a moral obgliation to inform as many people as i reasonbly can about them.

    And thats what i'm doing.

    They use information controll so I spread information simple.

    Believe me, every Witness that I come across is going to know about the UN.


  • spender

    is it just me, or did anyone else notice jerome call trudy, "turdy"? :p

  • trudy

    Dear Jerome,
    Have you told them about teaching for years up to l940 that they
    taught Christ came in 1874?
    If Christ came in 1914 they sure didn't know it.
    They changed the date because of needing to fit in the 1975 end of
    six thousand year teaching.
    And too, have you told them about the Pyramid Gizah? How they arrived
    at that 1914 date by measuring the passages in the pyramid?
    as well as many of their other dates 1918, 1925, 1950,
    And that near Russel's grave is a pyramid with his name inscribed on
    My sister came right out of the Organization rather quickly after
    finding out about that 1874 date and that they had been preaching for
    years Armageddon would climax to an end in 1914. They didn't preach
    Christ's presence was due in 1914 because they believed he had already
    came way back in 1874! The Jehovah's Witness history book (the big
    one) says 'we have always looked to 1914 as the beginning.'
    This statement is not true.
    We had been in the so called 'Truth' for years and had no idea they
    preached a different date for Christ's presence (coming?)
    and gentile times ending at that date.
    Now, my sis makes sure everyone she contacts knows about it.
    After all, it was so shocking that she was stunned.
    She cried for quite a while after realizing the watchtower Org. is
    not the 'truth'. And how they keep this information from the average
    rank and file.
    We can get all this info in Randy Waters websight, or Beacon,
    When my printer is working good, I'd like to make prints and
    distribute this info everywhere.

    I've got a good line for you,

    "where there is life, there is hope."

    That or "let the dead bury their dead."


  • jerome



    It is like explaining what is calculas to a 6 year old mentally disabled child.

    Their attention span dosent last that long. And when you say something that they dont agree with they start to throw temper tamtrums.

    Its best you warn the 'wordly' people and spread information. I dont see how you can do anything else.

    If people find out about these things before they even think about becomeing a JW, there is no way that they are going to join.

    But once you join, I think its a bit too late.

    If you cant reason with somebody, you cant get them to consider the fact that you may be right or even get them to stay on one topic long enough for it to make an impact then what?

    I consider myself to be very optimistic but things look really dim for JWs.

    But its very important that you dont right off anybody without giving them a chance first. So thats why i'll continue to speak to any that decide to listen. But other than that, theres nothing that they will let me do for them, there just too proud.

    It makes no sense.

  • apostate man
    apostate man

    Jerome, I totally appreciate what you are trying to do. I agree with you 110%.

    My JW mother-in-law had not the slightest idea about the UN thing. Unfortunately I knew about it, but did not know the specifics about it. The day after I told her about it(yes she was shocked)she came back with some sort of response of "They were part of the DPI, which only means they were signed up for information. They were never part of the UN. This way the WT can easily help more people get information, and when it became a big deal, they dropped it."
    Thats not word for word, but close. That conversation happened 2 months ago.

    All I am saying, IS TO KNOW YOUR TOPIC of choice before you indulge. Yes, they study, study, study and still have the "cheat sheets" with them. They are WT soldiers, armed with word spewing guns. Its very diffiCULT towin an argument.

    Break the chains that bind you,
    unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing.
  • Carmel

    I just want to take exception to those of you that are convinced that it is impossible to successfully discuss religion with the witnesses. My son, while living in Alaska during his early 20's, had an unbelievable canny way of discussingings with the Jws and a one time had several JW youth coming to his dorm every Friday night after the Ministry School to discuss religion. When the parents got wind of it they reported it to the elder and the elder came calling. Although he went away frustrated, he admitted that everything my son had said was valid according to the bible.

    I don't know much about the details but another exjw in the same community informed a mutual friend of mine that eight of the jw youth had left the congregation because of the situation and most were df'd. I believe a couple of them still correspond with my son and I know that one set of parents da'd as well.

    I know he based his approach on not trying to argue but asking a series of questions that lead the jws into contradictions and circular reasoning. One thing that he did do was to maintain a high moral code and refused to let them stay beyond midnight, even gave them rides home if they didn't have one. He didn't want them getting into any kind of trouble having spent an hour or two at his place drinking pepsi and discussing religion.

    So, it is possible, but I guess it takes a gentle touch and one that is detached from the results.



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