Why does Joel Vacillate? G rated

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  • larc


    Dear heart, I understand what you feel and how you think. I just think that sometimes it is better to accept life on life's terms and move on even when we love those who we may never see again. Acceptance is a big word, and yes, it is hard sometimes to reach acceptance, but I do believe it brings a certain degree of peace.

    Joel, there are some things you have not experienced yet, that I have. My mother and father are dead. My wife's father and mother are dead as well as one of her younger sisters. My younger cousin is dead, and I missed his funeral because his brother could not reach me on the phone because it was out of order. Much shit does come down on us in life, and the longer you live, the more shit there is that accumulates. All we can do is try to deal with it as best we can.

    Let me tell you sometime, of the story of my grandfather whose father was killed by the KKK because he hired black people to work on his farm. My grandfather who had a mentally ill brother and sister, and a mentally ill daughter, who was my mother.

  • Pathofthorns
    I myself cannot group "the Watchtower Society" into one constructed whole of a thing to hate or to love. It is many things at once, some good, some bad. For me the bad continues to outweigh the good, although I can understand why some attach themselves to the good parts of the system and ignore the bad.

    I think this paragraph sums up the paradoxical feelings many of us have toward this group. I admire your constant efforts to be fair, reasonable, balanced and objective toward them. I think it is possible (although admittedly difficult) to condemn wrong beliefs, policies and actions without hatred and many could learn from you.

    Maybe over the last few months you’ve begun to see that you and I have a lot in common? I mean mentally... MENTALLY!!, Joel!! In our outlooks, our views toward the Organization... aw.... you know what I mean! *whew, wiping sweat from my brow*
    I had a good laugh over this one. LOL! *not that there's anything wrong with that


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