Stop counting time

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  • rhett

    I can't remember how many times I went on return visits to see Wendy and Ron. As in the fast food resteraunts Wendy's and McDonalds. We usually spent a good amount of time there talking too.

  • Scully

    Dear Amazing:

    I loved reading all your "points" on boosting service time.

    I always thought it was a real shame that JWs were specifically instructed that they could not "count" any time helping elderly, infirm, housebound, discouraged, ill (etc etc) "brothers" and "sisters", even though they admitted that to do so was part of "sacred service". Small wonder that most JWs spend hardly any time helping these ones who really could use some TLC, when there might be an "interested person" with similar needs where the time spent showing "what a Loving Organization™ the JWs are" could be recorded on the time sheets with a RV thrown in there too.

    Just goes to show how that little slip of paper rules the lives of so many JWs.

    Love, Scully

  • dmouse

    Just to clarify, the 15 mins requirement ONLY applies to very old or sick publishers, at the discretion of the elders. For the rest it's still one hour minimum.

  • teejay

    I was a straight up idiot.

    I never played any of those hedge games to pad my hours. I counted only the time spent actually going door to door. Always struggled making my time, too.

    What a doofus.

  • r51785


    Are you counting time or are you making time count?

  • Hyghlandyr


    What a sad joke and silly way to reason and misuse one's time. I felt good at the time thinking I was helping weak JWs into seeing creative ways to count time and end the guilt ...

    Hey, if it kept the people from bein so distraught and filled with self loathing, I applaud you for it. You rock man.

  • cyberguy

    The main thing that "counting time" has done is to teach people how to lie!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    AS the comments on this thread confirm, field service is a charade, a sham.

    When one considers how participating in this work deludes JWs into thinking they've fully discharged their Christian obligation to their fellow man and totally blinds them to the need and perosnal sastrifaction of doing anything charitable and constructive, in some small personal way relieving the suffering or hunger of the afflicted, is it an exagerration to consider it an evil system?

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