Whose Your Favorite Movie Star?

by Dutchie 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dutchie

    My favorite is the fabulous Mr. John Garfield. Who is yours?

  • patio34

    Hi Dutchie,

    You mean 23000 pedophiles in the JWs?

    All intelligent people are confrontational.--HBO's Winston Churchill

  • Dutchie

    Hi Patio, I mean that this figure is somewhat correct. This number has been compiled over many years.

  • flower

    lol..oh yea that really cleared it up.



  • Dutchie

    Hi Flower, Im sorry. I actually went out on a limb and said more than I probably should have, I hope I have a job to go to on Monday. What exactly did you want to know in addition?

  • sunscapes

    No offense, but on first take you kind of sound like some of the jokers who call in to Coast-to-Coast AM and promise inside info and are anonymous and all and then when pressed for more detail they go hide and you never hear from them again.

    Now, you've already narrowed yourself down to a Manhattan law firm. Believe me, there's more intel gathering technology out there than can make your head spin, so take the leap or stay off the diving board.

    How is going to tell us any more detail of the authenticity of the 23,000 number going to FURTHER jeopardize your position?

    I mean, if you're that afraid that even abstract facts can get pinned to you, then why start this thread?

    Unless you provide Who, what, when, where details, then I'm quite positive that you will not violate further any "confidentiality agreement" (more than you have done already by this thread.)

    Now that you are trying to close the gate after the horse's already out of the barn: go ahead?

    Of course, we don't want a list of 23,000 names.....sheesh.

  • Dutchie

    Hi Sunscapes, I'm afraid maybe I should not have started this thread just as you said. I really felt as if I was providing a service and now I am being attacked. Look, we all have responsibilities and jobs and I since I have entered into a confidentiality contract I simply do not feel comfortabe saying more, Sheesh....! Can you understand that. I just wanted to say that the figures given out by Silentlams are more or less correct. I do not want to say more. I'm sorry.
    I am not going to jeopardize my position and perhaps be sued just to satisfy your curiosity!

  • silentlambs

    Use caution, Dutchie, do not allow them to goad you into telling more than you are compfortable with.

  • dungbeetle

    You are being 'attacked' by one person so far, and I know of one or two more that might join them.

    Out of thousands of registered users, on this board and several others...

    sheesh...you're doin' pretty good Dutchie!!!

  • expatbrit


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