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  • cyberguy

    I don't know if this has been posted on this site yet, but I came across something that indicates that congregations in Germany were sent a letter of explanation (or rather, deception) about the Society’s UN connection.

    scroll to the end of page -- .

    Can someone do a better translation from German to English?

  • gem

    I've studied German, and this version is slightly more readable. It's a bit rushed and rough, as I was trying to get the gist of the letter. It's also 1:30am in the UK - I'm going to bed!

    Lately we have had repeated inquiries reaching us of a misleading message about alleged membership of the Society in the United Nations. Of course, Jehovah's Witnesses and the legal bodies used by them, have never been a part of the United Nations. However, where you may possibly have been confronted with these questions, we would gladly like to set out from Head Office, the answer to these questions:

    "In 1991 we became registered with the public office of the UN (DPI)as a non-governmental organisation, in order to have the use of the library facilities of the UN on social and economic problems, also those on medical research. The library was already used by us many years before 1991. In this year, it was necessary for us to become registered as an NGO. The registration form which was submitted, and of which we have a copy, does not contain a statement, that would contradict our faith as Christians. Moreover, UN NGOs were informed, that association with the DPI (public affairs office of UN) does not mean the NGO becomes part of the UN, nor that it and its partners have privileges, immunity or special rights.

    Nethertheless, the criteria for association as an NGO, at least in the latest version, contains meanings that we cannot be associated with. When this was drawn to our attention, we withdrew our registration. We certainly appreciate, that we have learned from this situation.

    We are therefore convinced, that these explanations contribute to the misleading messages of our opponents. God's people were already being reviled in the first century, and it was especially foretold for the last days. (2 Timothy 3:13, 3 John 9,10) On the other hand, we are joyful that we can have full trust in head of the congregation, Jesus Christ, and through him the spirit-anointed brotherhood.

    Greetings, etc.

    I particularly liked the last paragraph - typical GB bulls**t!

  • cyberguy

    Thanks Gem, for that translation!

  • anewperson

    Judah B(en) Schroeder and the Watchtower attorneys used the years of UN liason to appear at and testify to the UN's Human Rights Committees, and this was not just for doing book research. A 1994 Awake has the Watchtower Society commending the UN, many Awakes quote UN branches like UNESCO and WHO, and the UN itself still has a link to a page including the 1994 Awake as an example of support. So much for the book report lie.

  • one

    I would be surprise if they circulate letter on the issue. They avoid talking sensitive issues. Then they count on the fact that people have short memories. That is why the re-visit people with the "good news" about the wt empire (kingdom)

  • GermanXJW
  • Gopher

    Cyberguy and Gem,

    Thanks for the post and the translation into English.

    The Society said, in typical fashion:

    God's people were already being reviled in the first century, and it was especially foretold for the last days.
    Comments? A lot of people are reviled when they're shown to be bad/wrong/duplicitous. How dare you assume that it's for YOUR GODLINESS that you're being criticized here?

    The WT Society is the king of revilers. They revile any outside organization whenever possible (when it serves their purposes), and they also revile those former associates who have any philsophical disagreements. Beyond that, they attempt to isolate and denigrate such former associates from any friends and family they may have had. For them to speak of others reviling them (as if it came out of the blue) is laughable.

    And we're not in the 'last days'. Enough of that nonsense already!!

    But more to the point, why does the WT Society keep undermining its own principles? Examples: Blood is bad medicine. Taking a speck of it in any form is unholy conduct, and can lead to expulsion from the congregation. No, wait....certain fractions are Okay for hemophiliacs, and then for others. Wait.... now hemopure, an extract from cow's blood, is certainly acceptable for true Christians.

    How confusing is all that? Many JW's superstitiously avoid all blood, because of the initial principle layed down -- all blood is to be avoided!

    Then comes another principle -- the League of Nations and the United Nations are bad, bad, bad. They are Satan's substitutes on earth to distract attention from the Kingdom preaching message of Jehovah's Witnesses! They are the multi-headed image of the beast found in the Revelation.

    No wait, it's okay to affiliate as an NGO, and to write positive articles about what some of the main humanitarian agencies of the UN are trying to accomplish. After all, we want the UN to view our organization somewhat reasonably.

    How confusing to JW's who were taught that the UN is Satan's tool and that elements therein will attack Jehovah's Witnesses at the end after all other religion will have been destroyed.

    So again, the WT tries to have things BOTH ways, and tries to exalt itself while trying to bring pity on itself because it receives some well-aimed criticism!!


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  • SYN

    According to a recent letter seen on this site, the criteria for NGO status didn't change at all the way these despicable cretins say they did. The UN can be quoted as saying that the criteria "didn't change at all!"

    Seven006: "Have you tried drugs? Shooting up a little heroin might do the trick, it's hard to type when your stoned out of your mind. I don't know how TR does it!"

  • nicolaou
    the UN itself still has a link to a page including the 1994 Awake as an example of support

    REALLY! I'd sure like to see that, do you have a link anewperson?


  • spender

    here's a couple links:

    How long will such poverty afflict mankind? The appeal of Federico Mayor, director-general of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), is appropriate: "Let us abandon that dubious tolerance which allows us to tolerate the intolerable—the poverty, hunger and suffering of millions of human beings."

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