Howmuch do you pay for internetacess

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  • DazedAndConfused

    I have dial up for 12.95/month. I wish we could get DSL but we are just out of range where we live. That is around $50./month.

  • COMF

    and then you have to pay a price evry month 20$, they who have brodband pay only 35$

    So you guys in Sweden pay your bills in $$, huh?

  • happy man
    happy man

    No we dont, but i translate it to $, do you think you understand swedisch money?If so, 17 öre on the day, 12 öre on the night. But if iyou are out many ours it costs to much,. for pore sweeds....

  • Hyghlandyr

    Yeah! to all the road runners out there. I pay 45 a month for that. I also have aol so my sister can get online and that is 28 a month.

    oh yeah AOL rocks man, hotties all over da place

  • gotcha

    i got crappy dsl 256K which i think is combined for both uploading and dloading for 3300 pesos (approx $60) offered here in our country...

    happyman!!! are u kiddn?? sweden is very famous for its broadband access...i heard 10mbit in residential areas was very much planning to move there hehe

  • GermanXJW

    about 15 US$ for DSL-account up to 5GB Traffic a month, but additional 11 US$ for the DSL-environment.

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