Howmuch do you pay for internetacess

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  • plmkrzy

    when i had dial up it was $29 now it's $39 for broadband soon to go up to $49
    TOO MUCH but so far I like it a lot better.

  • sunscapes

    ISP -- 29 POUNDS STERLING? Ouch, what's that in Cdn $$$$

    Maybe Moxy knows.

    Hey mox, what's up with your new pic? I liked the old one with you driving with Tim Horton's coffee in hand!

    Be yourself, there's only one of you.

  • Bendrr

    I had dial-up for a long time. I learned from a Mindspring engineer who spent some time talking to local subscribers about our connection problems that many of the issues were the fault of the phone company. When broadband finally hit Macon, I was in and damn the cost. $50/month isn't really that bad when you consider the reliability and speed. I had the option of either cable or DSL and took DSL because it's actually a little better than cable and Bellsouth offered the DSL modems free with no contract.
    Forget dial-up, y'all. It's only going to get worse as telco's give worse and worse dial-up connections in order to drive people to broadband.


  • rhett

    I barter with my ISP. I send them a new sheep every three months and I get a cable modem connection. I also pay the rent by giving my landlord's family accordian lessons. I haven't the heart to tell them I've never played.

  • expatbrit

    29 pounds is approx Cdn$70.

    I have cable for Cdn$49.95 per month. (US$33 / UKP20)


  • DIM

    AOL dial up connection at $23.90 a month. I always connect a fast speed, so its good enough.

  • Simon

    £24.99 for 512k cable

    Used to be on 56k dialup which was £14.99 per month.

    Thinking of getting ADSL as well to aggregate the connections and get 1M (as long as Angharad doesn't find out!)

  • Celia

    Dial-Up = only $20.00 a month !
    That's Vermont for you !

  • Trotafox

    happy man: Yes this is the "Where the Boys Are(n't)" city otherwise known as "Ft. Liquordale". Ah, yes. I remember scenes like that way back when I did the beach bar scene. I had a guy saddle up to me asking what my sign was; a little navy squirt and I was old enough to be his mother and he was too drunk to notice. "You live".

    Not snatching the thread...just wanted to respond to happy man.


    "Wicked men obey from fear; good men, from love".... Aristotle. You can love and obey Christ without intervention from an organization.

  • jerome

    $30 US a month.

    Dial up.

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