Long Time Bethelites Facing Job Insecurity, Old Age, And Poverty, As Watchtower Corporation Downsizes Due To Years Of Wishful Thinking, Failed Predictions And False Hopes

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    With the right lawfirm sinking its teeth in deep enough, a class action lawsuit brought on by Bethelites, former and current, might succeed. District and circuit overseer could easily attach themselves as plaintiff's.

    Governments are worried about the huge number of elderly that will be an incredible drain on the economy. Upon investigation, the assets of the society will make governments mouth water. They do not even have to enact legislation. Just let the plaintiff's lawyers drag the society through the courts, as if it has a great hook in its corporate jaw. A verdict awarding pensions to those who have given years of their lives to the society would be welcome by all, by the government, by the long serving sheep, by the lawyers.

    I guess not by all. I don't think the WT would welcome it. Not at all.

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