My Jehovah's Witness broke up with me :(

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  • allelsefails

    You may have done a lot more good than you realize. For me it was one CO that mentioned the "586 Apostasy" (refuting the silly 607 idea). It took me 3 years of research after that to even nthink about leaving. Faded out after that. Keep up the good work.

  • Wayward Son
    Wayward Son

    I had compiled a document over 50 pages long of contradictions and other silly stuff from the Bible. Places where it contradicted itself, places where it didn't match science, and places where there was just no logic to it.

    Can you post this list or direct us to a link where it can be found?

  • mP

    wayward Son

    try its got hte entire bible page by page.

  • mP


    Mum - " I think the verses say that the sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons even to the third and fourth generation. I think that means that when parents don't do the right thing, it has an effect on the children and grandchildren."

    Despite the fact that I'm mostly agnostic, I've always viewed that as a semantics thing, too (believe it or not).

    To the ancient Bible writers, God was all-powerful, so as far as they were concerned, there was no practical differencebetween God directly punishing someone for their actions and God simply allowing someone to live with the negative consequences of their actions.

    I suspect they were viewed as - for all intents and purposes - one and the same; it's possible that the dichotomy may have never even occurred to them, in fact.

    I could be wrong.


    This scripture like many others is about respecting authority. Its basically showing that different families are destined for special positions or the complete opposite. In the bible we have one family line claiming hte throne, another the position of high priest and so on. These same people want to claim that everybody else has to be their slaves or subjects etc.

    Its not just a nonsense statement it has a very practical purpose for those vile evil men and families. We just live in a time when these class, racial and other boundaries are disappearing.

  • punkofnice

    These are the highlights for me......

    I had compiled a document over 50 pages long of contradictions and other silly stuff from the Bible.

    He didn't want to look at it.

    Man, it was fun watching him try to twist and contort his mind

    I guess where it started to go wrong for me may have been when I mentioned that I had an ex-JW friend.

    But he could see that he wasn't doing anything to convince me otherwise and that I held my opinion too strongly.

    So there's no reason for him to come by anymore.

    I don't know whether I did any good

    I only hope it helps to wake him up. Time will tell.

    Well done though!

  • Jim_TX

    I always like stories like this one. You may feel like you did no good, but you never know. It may take time. He may - someday - be doing something totally unrelated, and it hits him like a ton of bricks.

    Or, perhaps, he starts doing 'research' trying to find a way to refute some of the arguments you had. (Do JWs still do research?)

    I think that you did very well.


    Jim TX

  • jws

    mP, thanks for the link to This is very much like what I started doing in my document. Simply going through the bible, reading it, and commenting on and asking about diferent issues I saw. I'd quote the scripture right there (part of the reason it's 50 pages) and then ask about it. Many of the same questions I saw on this site. I think I had run across a more primitive form of this site years ago and had been searching for it. Still not sure this is the same as what I remember, but also useful.

    I also borrowed from this site: for a list of contradictions. I don't agree with every contradiciton and skipped over some that you probably could easily argue a plausible explanation. But there are many that are conclusive contradictions and you would really have to twist and squint to harmonize them.

    I also used the Atheist's book of Bible stories for ideas. Same with that book though. Some of the arguments are not as solid as others. I can see wiggle room in some of those examples.

    As for those asking me to post, it's way too long for here and I'd have to research a way to put a file anonymously out there. I'm sure there're ways, just never had to before. Anyone have a suggestion for a site? And I despise those sites that make you join to download or download software to do the downloads. Big red flag for me.

    If you PM me your e-mail I can e-mail you a copy. I know that might comprimise your anonymity and after recent e-mail address scandals in this community, I can understand if you're cautious. I will not reveal your e-mail, but if you're still skeptical, create a gmail address that won't comprimise your true identity and I'll send it to you there.

  • Wayward Son
    Wayward Son

    Thanks mp.

  • jgnat

    Here's an idea for posting.

    Sign up for Google Docs.

    Save your document as a PDF and if that is not possible scan it to PDF.

    Upload to Google Docs. Change the access rights to "anyone with the link".

    Post the link here.

    I am pretty sure the link is a hashtag with not direct link to you.

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