Bloody livid with school teacher teaching soul leaving body to 6 yr olds

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  • not bitter
    not bitter

    Just put my 6 yr old to bed and we always have a chat about the day. She tells me that she knows about another thing that happens to our bodies when we die in addition to buriel and cremation.

    She tells me that they can do something really nasty to the body but its ok because they're dead so don't know about it. And they take a fluffy thing thats inside out and it floats up into the sky. I knew immediately she meant the soul. Apparently her teacher told her this. And this is after I had a meeting with the head a few months ago where he assured me that they don't teach these things in class.

    Anyway we had the conversation that this is just something that some people believe and its not neccessarily true because no one can prove it. Its just a belief like believing in fairies and Harry Potter. I explained she shouldn't just take things like that as truth without being able to prove it to herself. Something along those lines anyway.

    And instead of doing her usual of ''well the teacher said it so its true'' she said ''I love you mummy because you help me work things out''

    I did feel a bit guilty then so I emphasised that we don't know if its true or not. Its something she can try to find out when she is older and work it out for herself.

    I'm just mad that her teacher is saying these things. I'm not going to say anything though as she only has one more week with her before going up to a new class.

    What is the teacher thinking. I do think teachers should be monitored more.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    ' 'I love you mummy because you help me work things out''

    I love this reaction! Good for her.

  • Satanus

    You handled that really well. It sounds like, w your help, she is learning how to think for herself. That is a good thing, since she will likely run into that thought again.


    Ps, i think the soul leaves at death. But, i don't care if other people believe it, or not. It makes no difference, imo. The problems come when people attach a bunch of other beliefs to that simple idea.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    If she is a public school teacher in the US, she should be summarily fired

    .The problem is proving it. If it is a private school, it is permissible. If the school receives any state or federal funding, lawyer time. I had outrageous public school teacher s No teachers. They openly taught us that the GOP was God's personal party, Catholic doctrine and that our parents deserved no respect bc our parents did not graduate college. We had to announce what our fathers did..Only one kid's father was ok

    The funny part is the school was desegregated. Black teachers with great credentials arrived. We found out that the nasty teachers never graduated college. Bye-bye.

  • cofty

    You handled that really well not bitter.

    I suppose you are right if there is only a week to go but otherwise I wouldn't hesitate to cahllenge the teacher to keep her superstitions to herself.

  • MrFreeze

    Is this a public school? Religion shouldn't be taught in public schools unless it is some sort of comparitive religion class.

  • villagegirl

    1Corinthians 15:44

    As surely as there are physical bodies,

    there are spiritual bodies.

    And our physical bodies will be

    changed into spiritual bodies.

    Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those

    who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.

    ( jw's ignore the huge implications here,

    which are, that the soul survives death )

    2 Corinthians 3:18 And we all, with

    unveiled faces reflecting the glory of the Lord,

    are being transformed into the same image

    from one degree of glory to another,

    which is from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

  • cofty

    Villagegirl - The point isn't the biblical support for the idea of a soul or spirit, but the ethics of a teacher abusing her position of power to impose her supertitious beliefs on a six year old child.

  • losingit

    I'm not sure belief in the soul is superstitious, per definition in Merriam- Webster dictionary . But I hear ypur point. Religious ideas shouldn't be taught at public schools. I have to admit, though, that I cringed at your response. You explain about what happens to the body at death. But leave it up to her to figure out when she gets older. I don't know.... not criticizing, just sharing my thoughts.

  • notjustyet

    Yeah we had something like that happen a few months ago here in the USA.

    High school coach brings Pastor into high school work out area for football team. He, the Pastor, starts out with these analogies about team work, some comparisons between god ad coach. How you cannot ignore the coach and his rules. If you decide not be part of the team, it's your call, but once you leave the team, it's up to the coach to take you back. You can't just show up for practice the next day. Coach has to be the one to accept you back into the team, it's not your decision to make anymore. Then he explains how the same thing works with god, you cannot leave the team and then just expect to show upset your whim.

    The coach is a religious nut thinking he can bring a pastor into the school.

    Fortunately my son takes after his father and grabbed his phone and recorded all of it. Lol.

    The coach told the kids that if they do not believe in god they can't play on the team.

    Anyway I called and talked to the principle and met with her and let her hear the recording in person and she talked to the coach and put him on some type of probationary period. I told her that he would not change and that he would still try to work god into the team somehow.

    My wife and a few friends were at a booster club meeting and he told them on the side that someone turned him in for bringing in a Pastor and tht Satan is trying to keep god out of these kids lives.

    Little did he know that my wife and the friend are all on the same page regarding separation of church and state. The coach did tell my wife and friend that he would find a way to make it happen, meaning get god back into the presence of this team, somehow.

    So I still have that recording if I need it. Maybe the ACLU might be called next.


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