Now that I am out, which bible should i read? Feeling free at last!

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  • Honesty

    Try some of the bibles on this site:

  • poppers

    The ONLY WAY to have a relationship with GOD is through CHRIST JESUS!

    Face palm. Who are you to say how God chooses to relate to anyone? Or are you just parrotting what you've been taught?

  • iCeltic

    'Some translations take liberties' -SOME? In my view the entire book is a liberty.

  • mP

    Another interesting question is who and why has the bible been changed.

    For example one of the most famous stories involving Jesus is a fabrication. Im talking about the adultress who is forgiven by Jesus with his famous quote, let he who have no sin cast the first stone. Most if not all bible say its not found in the oldest texts but they of course hide it in really small writing. The sames for the resurrection in Mark in 16:8+. Read thesmall text there and you will verify the oldest marks did nt have this. The resurrection is an addition made to Mark.

    Thats right there was no resurrection in the original mark. How could that be, and why did someone invent this at a later time ?

  • QC


    I use all translations. NIV is descent usually. Invariably though, all translation will miss the Hebrew and Greek to some degree. It's fun to figure out which comes closest to original sense (not words, but understanding).

    This cradle of translations comes with descent commentary:

    It's natural to wonder about other religious groups. Your silver is, although JWs went way wrong, you do have familiarity with the Bible which is an asset. Just as JWs are off on their view of Jesus so is 4th century theology . So, be careful of similar traps.

    Bottom line is, INDIVIDUALLY we have access to practicing the original 1st Century Christianity. It takes study diligence. Be a modern Berean. Many of us here at JWN are diligent about Bible understanding. Flag us down anytime.

    One of the exciting things you should know is, ALL deciples of Jesus are of the anointed. There are many posts on that subject.

    One other thing, you will have to tolerate those intolerant of the Bible and God.

  • T D Joseph
    T D Joseph

    I have more than 100 versions with me, and one is not better than the other. Hence which one you select does not matter! Becuase our Heavenly Father is not interested in what you believe; but what you do--whether you are good to yourself and to others (Mathew 7:12, 21-23).

    Hence ready any Bilble--all Bibles have got Mathew 7:12, and 21, 23 correctly translated--that's all what you need.

  • Bobcat

    I would recommend a number of them. My wife and I read from the Bible for what the WT would call Family Worship. When she reads (always from the NWT) I will often follow in a commentary which will often have the NIV text printed in it. I find it stimulating for my thinking process try to follow a different translation of the same thing. It forces me to keep 'translating' the words I'm hearing with the words I'm seeing.

    One of the interesting things I find in doing this is that we often stop to try to understand what a phrase or verse is actually saying. Always, the NIV text helps to understand the NWT text. Never the other way around.

    To be fair, I like having a translation that is 'rankly' (for lack of a better word) literal. I like seeing what the original says in a very literal word-for-word format, which, for much of the NWT, especially in the OT, is what it is. I find it interesting to see the Hebrew idiomatic expressions rendered as-is into English. (There are details about that assessment that can be argued, but I'm talking in general terms.) So I'll always use the NWT as part of my study for that reason, but never depend solely on it.

    Having said that, here is an interesting Bible that caught my eye, which seems like it might be useful as part of a home library.

  • punkofnice

    At the end of the day it will come down to your own preferrence.

    I would consider the questions Elder-Schmelder asked though.

    You might find that on your journey out of the watchtower(R) mind control that you actually find a different path to christianity.

    Of course, you might not.

    Who knows.........?

  • iCeltic

    Yes agreed, ask all sorts of questions, learn about different things/possibilities.

    Id have to slightly disagree with the view of being tolerant towards those intolerant towards god or the bible, there's absolutely nothing wrong with questioning long held beliefs in the supernatural, it's hardly being intolerant.

  • jgnat

    My paper bible is an English Standard Version (ESV) Journaling bible, with wide margins to add my own notes. For study and comparison, I downloaded both e-sword for my computer and Olive Tree for my iPhone.

    • For a new way of approaching the bible, read a summary for the book first to put it in context.
    • Try an inductive bible study.
    • To shake loose a new way of looking at a bible verse, try The Message bible.

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