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  • Terry

    The temperature of the Earth's core is as hot as the surface of the sun 9900 degrees Farenheit.

    Below the Amazon river lies another river called the Rio Hamza

    Only 14% of the Earth's species have been identified.

    200,000 people are born every day; 11 every 2 seconds

    2 people die every second; 172,800 die evey day

    There are 8.6 million lightning strikes a day

    8-12 people killed by sharks every year

    100 million sharks killed by people (for their fins for soup)

    90% of all volcanic activity occurs under the ocean

    What are some facts you've discovered this week?

  • sosoconfused

    That on average cows drink the equivalent of a bathtub of water each day.

  • iCeltic

    Most wild dogs don't bark

  • TotallyADD

    When I mow my yard with the riding mower I end up running over a small snake. Totally ADD

  • MrFreeze

    Didn't read them this week but here are some fun facts about our galaxy I've compiled:

    8 th planet from the sun:


    Winds on Neptune reach up to 2100 kmh or 1305 mph.

    7 th planet from the sun:


    Summers on Uranus last 42 years.

    6 th planet from the sun:


    There could be life on one of Saturn's moons. Ice geysers were discovered blasting out of the southern pole of Enceladus. Scientists aren't sure why but something keeps the water warm enough to not freeze. So it is highly likely that as with earth, where there is liquid water, there is also life.

    5 th planet from the sun:


    The mass of Jupiter is 318 times the size of earth and 2.5 times the rest of the planets in our galaxy.

    4 th planet from the sun:


    Mount Olympus on Mars is the largest mountain in the solar system at nearly 17 miles tall, three times the size of Mount Everest. Mars also has the deepest and longest canyon in the solar system, Valles Marinerus, reaching 2500 miles long and 4 miles deep.

    3 rd planet from the sun:


    I had to search. What is there about our planet that we aren’t already well aware of? Maybe this is new.

    At a distance earth appears to be the brightest planet in our solar system because of the sunlight reflecting off the water.

    Also, the earth is the only planet in our solar system that we know of to still be geologically active.

    2 nd planet from the sun:


    Looking for your next vacation destination? Why not try Venus? Venus was once thought to be earth’s twin. They thought that underneath the layer of the clouds that it was a tropical paradise. Well, they were wrong.

    The pressure on Venus is 92 times that of Earth. The temperature can reach 860 degrees Fahrenheit and it rains sulfuric acid.

    1 st planet from the sun:


    A year on Mercury lasts 88 of our days but a day on Mercury lasts 176 of our days.

    We’ve traveled a great distance. 4.5 billion km to be exact. Which is approximately 3 billion miles.

    Now we get to our destination. The sun! It’s like the king of planets man!

    The sun orbits around the center of the Milky Way. It takes 225,000,000 years to complete a full orbit. The sun is estimated to be about 3 billion years old or so. It’s in the middle of its life. You don’t wanna be on earth when it dies. It takes energy from the core of the sun 30,000 years to reach earth.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    A London Kamikaze is made with gin. A Kamikaze is made with vodka.

  • fresh prince of ohio
    fresh prince of ohio

    Joel Kinnaman, who plays Holder on the AMC series The Killing, is a native of Sweden. Didn't know that did you?

    And, just now I learned from the Cincinnati Reds TV announcer that if you're a catcher and your back tightens up, there's really not much you can do!

  • iCeltic

    Indeed, I think he's half swed half american.

  • kjg132

    That there is a species of tick that can make you a vegetarian ( I kid you not, I read it in readers digest with my daughter) it can render you allergic to red meat

    Also that a bathtub with baking soda in it can alleviate hives naturally

    That Lions care about their Mane being groomed (also readers digest)

  • SafeAtHome

    Fun Fact from a professional pet sitter: A dog will often eat it's own poop or that of another dog. However, you will never see a cat eat poop! Cats rule, dogs drool

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