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  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Godsendconspirator, DITTO what others wrote about not playing the WTBTS's games. I really liked the video that Gojira_101 posted on YouTube and posted in the thread Who I really am, my story on YOUTUBE!

    If you want to tell your side of your story a video is probably best and a FB page is a close second, but under no circumstances is writing a DA letter a good option unless you write a DA letter to minimize potential slander and libel by JWs and in the legal style like Roberta804 did in her thread Important to put in your letter of DA .

    Best of wishes living a happy and wonderful life free from the WTBTS's BITE control.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Crazyguy

    I'm willing to bet that when a DA letter is sent to the elders that they don't really read it, maybe just scan through to find where you DA your self but thats it. They would not want to actually read the thing and read something that may pull the wool from their eyes. Maybe some of the ex elders on this forum can gives us more details.

  • sarahsmile

    I was reinstated about ten years, strange thing go through years of dfing. Anyhow,I played by their rules for too many years.

    Sometimes I feel anger toward them and want to write a letter pointing out their many lies and to disassociate. Why? I realized I never see them or hear from them so why not just walk away.

    The bottom line most JW know the WTBTS errors and your sharing does not mean anything it is just your emotions. I personally fight my urges to write letters or make phone calls that are in MY best interest but the congregations. Letter are permanent and used against you.

    I do not need to contact them or disassociate myself.

    For one good reason you might see someone out in public and it is nice to acknowledge people like some one you shared a meal with. Having people turn their backs on you is socially rude! So why give them the gun to pull the trigger? Not too sure if you have family members or someone who was just nice to you. You need to figure out all the characters involved. Not too mention someones child that loves you. We forget about the little ones.

    Think how much good you will do to place a thought in their minds by a casual conversation. Placing the right doubt can break mind control.

    You done a great job with your life by moving on with new friends. However, there will always be a time that memories will come back and at least you will be able say hello 1 year,5 s,10 year or so. I lost contact with every one I knew and would like to find some people. Tried to find them on the net.

    Good job with your new friends.

    Sorry everyone my Kindle skips words!

  • sooner7nc

    This is what I sent. I understand other's thoughts but my feelings were that in writing the letter this way, short and blunt, that I took all of the power from them. I stated that I was in charge and thyat was final.

    I also felt good about the quotations around religion and the "myriad" comment was my own little subtle & personal jibe considering that I was baptized at the DC in 1988 at the Myriad Convention Center in OKC.

    To: The Body of Elders of the Mineral Wells congregation

    This is to inform you that I no longer wish to be associated with your group. I do not now claim to be a member of your “religion”, nor have I for quite some time. The myriad reasons why, are mine and mine alone, and none of your business.

    Don’t come to my house or work. I do not wish to speak with any of you.

    Don’t contact my wife. She’s doesn’t attend your congregation, so leave her alone.

    You may contact me by phone at 940-445-**** to confirm this letter.

    Thank You

    Mike *******

  • Ding

    If you want to DA as a matter of principle and explain all your reasons, go ahead.

    Just so you know you will be shunned as if you were DFd...

    Maybe you will help to wake up one of the elders, but the odds are that they won't read much of what you write other than that you are DAing.

  • EmptyInside

    If this is the route you want to go,more power to you. Sometimes,I think,if it wasn't for my mother,I would go that route too.

    But,keep in mind,they will read your name as being no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses. And it is the same way they announce someone was disfellowshipped. So,no one knows whether a person was disfellowshipped or disassociated.

  • villagegirl
    • Why formally disassociate yourself?
    • It implies you acknowledge their authority as legitimate.

    Don't give in. Don't ever give in to their demands.

    The best thing you can do is walk away and live a good life unencumbered by their lies.
    Letters are permanent and used against you.
    Having people turn their backs on you is socially rude! So why give them the gun to pull the trigger?
    Not too sure if you have family members or someone who was just nice to you.
    You need to figure out all the characters involved.

    Not too mention someones child that loves you. We forget about the little ones.

    Think about it: Do not give them control.

    Do not respond. Do not explain yourself.

    Passive resistance, gives them nothing to grasp.

    Don't accept interrogations, questions,

    or attempts to have elders meet with you.

    This is not a legitimate or God approved organization.

    So stop treating it as if it is.

    You have no obligation to show up at meetings

    or explain yourself. A letter will only result in a vicious reaction

    and you will be attacked and cut off completely from

    these so-called friends, they will turn their backs on you

    like the hypocrites they are groomed to be. Outwit them by silence.

  • fresh prince of ohio
    fresh prince of ohio

    I tend to agree that a DA letter, in a way, indicates that the writer recognizes the WTS and JWs as being SOMETHING legitimate, when they're really just sharers in a bizarre collective fantasy. I say the best thing to do is to walk away from their sorry azzes and if you run into them on the outside and the subject of meetings and whatnot comes up, just say you don't want to talk about any of that, and wow this weather has been <whatever> lately, and how are your kids doing etc. etc. etc.

    I could have pulled off the perfect fade back in 2002, but I was too anxious to make some kind of big statement, so I DA'd. I won't say that I totally regret it, but guess what? None of my former JW cohorts have searched me out since then saying "wow fresh prince you're Da'ing really got me thinking..."

  • Simon

    It's up to each individual to do what is best for them but I think DA'ing oneself plays into their hands a little although to be honest, they will happilly announce that you have disassociated yourself whether you send a letter or not (that's what they did with me) so I also get the 'satisfaction' aspect that it gives to say "shove it".

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    If you don't want dubs continually crawling around you, trying to find out what you're up to, write the letter.

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