Universal sovereignty, The Tower of Babel and witness tampering

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  • sinis

    Have any of you perhaps looked at these storys with an open mind? I like to keep an open mind, and who is not to say that perhaps we have been her before (as in the case of the Men of Old, Men of Renown), or perhaps seeded by another race visiting this planet. I know some of you may poo-poo this idea, but why not? Man, as of today, has become like a "god" from the perspective of what we can do biologically and technologically... if you injected yourself into a primitive culture with todays tech, you would be a "god"...

  • Simon

    Maybe ... but that explanation also makes a mockery of the biblical account.

    Basically, I don't think you can come up with an explanation that fits the account and is plausible and sensible.

    The obvious explanation is that it's just a silly story.

    Who believes Aesops fables really happened or LOTR was real?

  • sinis

    Simon, the one that still remains at the quarry weighs in at approx 1200 metric tons. We have only recently been able to build movable cranes that can lift loads like these... The worlds largest mobile crane can lift 1500 metric tons, and that is only a recent design... much less talking about a culture and or stone that may have been quarried several thousand years ago... hell, even the Romans indicate that the temple base existed BEFORE they built on it...

  • HintOfLime
    Also, while we gaze in wonder at super-tall towers we don't think they go to the heavens or are going to tickle gods botty anytime.

    And didn't god know... man can't really build a tower to heaven. Why not just laugh it off?

    Why was God so afraid of an early engineering project - ultimately there were lots of pyramids and towers. Bigger empires came afterward, and taller structures.

    Even his "solution" by scrabling the languages failed - with the Internet and a global economy, we're more connected and more capable than any time in history, far more so than in the Tower of Babel's time.

    People love a good fable, and I'm sure some traveler on a road pointed to a failed pyramid/tower and pointed at it and asked.. and a fable was born. Really though - some engineering projects just fail.

    - Lime

  • sinis

    I don't think it makes a mockery of the biblical account, considering the biblical account is a plagarized version of much older texts. If anything, it has pieces of truth, and other passages that perhaps are the primitive interpretation of the people of the time. Now from the perspective that "god" inspired the book, well, who is "god" and were the stories hand me downs of earlier works? Also, don't you find it interesting that the opening account of Genesis gives an aerial "road map" of different areas that are good in gold, silver, etc? Sort of like a mining manifest? Same thing the spaniards did when recording the regions of the New World in the event the expedition was lost and someone else had to retrace their steps...

  • jgnat

    I like Pinker's description of the evolution of many languages (besides natural deviation from geographically isolated groups). Language is a great facilitator, say, on a hunt (the deer is over there). But deception is equally useful. (You want to hide your favorite hunting grounds from the next tribe over). So it pays for a tribal group to develop a separate language from their neighbours.

  • Jeffro


    I don't think it makes a mockery of the biblical account,

    It should. The story is stupid.

  • sinis

    Speaking of Egypt, when Rome conquered/sacked Egypt they had to cut the obelisks in half because they could not transport the load of the full size one. Took quite a while before they moved it from Egypt to Rome... yet the Egyptians had no problem? Plus Kufiu states that the pyramids existed BEFORE they came to the area and that basically the twenty year build was a refurbishment of the existing structure. If we go by the "experts" and the twenty year time frame of building the great pyramid by scratch, than based on the amount of stones and weight, they would have had to cut, quarry, move, and place a stone into position (from beginning to end) every 9 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for 20 years...

    Hell, last time I was in the Yucatan visiting a friend who is an archeologist and meeting up with him and his buddies at a dig, they still don't know how the primitives there cut the damn rocks so perfectly, and aligned like the constellation of Orion (as it appeared 10K years ago), with the walls of one pyramid being laser perfect to the wall of another pyramid several miles away through jungle... given that these people, though they had a concept of a wheel, knew that wood wheels would not transport such loads, and did not yet have metal for cutting until introduced by the Spaniards...

  • sinis

    Jeffro: I believe there is much more to life and our origins than most people think, or want to believe. There is truth in everything, you just have to be able to find it through research, etc...

    The cargo cults of the Pacific islands during WWII is one such example of how things can get twisted, and wherein we might think that something is stupid (because we know better) but those writing or speaking of such events truly believe it...

  • sooner7nc

    I think the Bible is quite capable of making a mockery of itself without any help from the likes of us.

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