Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 07-07-2013 WT Study (ROLE)

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell


    You've got your most thought provoking questions yet, Blondie. Thanks for sharing!

  • BluesBrother

    Well, well well....Thursday night Service Meeting has moved to Sunday ! I had my fill of this stuff in the week and expected something better at weekend. As we said above, nobody gives a toss for it anyway, they just do their thing. This was purely for demo purposes at The Hall.

    They said that they have to Preach The Kingdom.. Christ's parting command was to "Make disciples" , not quite the same. The article says that " Others attribute to God the suffering caused by natural disasters."...well, somebody might but I never heard any one of Church standing say so. I think that is an ad hominem attack on others.

    On a hot afternoon, this study is not going to liven them up .

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Study article title: 'FULFILL YOUR ROLE AS AN EVANGELIZER'

    First things first, JWs are not Evangelizers in the truest sense of the word. Though they claim in the 2013 Yearbook that 1,748,697,447 hours were spent in the ministry, that number is greatly exaggerated. Much, much of that time is spent in idle talk in car groups, at not at homes, donut shops and the like. Not to mention that a large percentage of that time is made up of children who are 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 years of age who are classified in JW world as publishers or Evangelizers. How can a youngster's time-slip that says he spent, say, 10 hours in field service in a given month truely be labeled the work of an 'Evangelizer'? Many a younster at that age is just beginning to master the art of wiping his own butt, let alone do the work of an 'Evangelizer'.

    Due to the many changes in doctrine of recent, many JWs hardly know what they themselves believe. A true Evangelist without hesitation should be able to defend his faith.......many JWs cannot!

    A Bible Student first needs to have a clear understanding of what God and Jesus Christ's message are in order to lay claim to being a true Evangelizer. There have been way too many serious changes, new understandings, revisions, updates and the like for this poster to believe that they have the right to label themselves as .....EVANGELIZERS!

    Thank you Blondie.

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