Seen the GB Lately?

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  • Prisca

    I was wondering:

    Has anyone seen any of the Governing Body lately? How is their health? Do they give talks at convention still? Are any of them bed-ridden? How many are still active?

    This is an honest question, not one designed to stir up antagonism towards them, just wondering how their health is.

    It used to be a common thing for a couple of the GB to come to Australia to give talks. But lately, I haven't heard of them being in Oz for the past few years. I realise their advanced age would prevent them from travelling OS anymore, but are they still giving talks in their home country? And if so, how many of them do?

  • Pathofthorns

    It wont' be long before these men are just used to make appearances at DC's. They will be introduced to the applause of the crowds as the guest GB member waves to them as the women cry due to the emotion of the moment.

    They might say a line or two to the audience, which will respond with several more minutes of adoring applause as the attendants help the visiting GB member limp back to his seat.

    They are just figureheads now. The "machine" has taken over.


  • expatbrit

    Why did I just get a mental picture of Davros?


  • outnfree

    OK -- I'll expose my ignorance.
    Who the heck is Davros, ExPat? (Hello, btw! )

    And Prisca,
    I think Samuel Herd was at a DC in the past several years. He's GB now, isn't he? But a younger, "Nethinim" GB member, no? Or is my ignorance showing twice in one thread?


    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts -- John Wooden

  • spender

    two years ago I saw one of the GB at a convention. He was so old and his talk was so boring...same old "great things ahead!!" junk. At the end he did some spin thing with his cane and pointed it up at the crowd and everyone applauded a lot. It was in philly and it was raining. I wasn't happy.

  • expatbrit



    One of the longest running BBC programs was a cheesy science fiction drama called Dr Who. He was a Time Lord who travelled throughout space and time in a machine called a TARDIS, having lots of adventures and defeating evil aliens dressed in really bad costumes.

    Amongst the recurring bad chaps were a group of evil robots called Daleks, who looked like giant salt shakers with eye stalks. They would zoom around screaming "EXTERMINATE!" in metallic voices. (Consequently, my generation of British kiddery grew up zooming around the playground at school screaming "EXTERMINATE!")

    The evil genius who created the Daleks was a chap neamed Davros, who was artificially kept alive by a life-support system on wheels in which he sat and twitched spasmodically. Because he was evil and old, he was therefore made ugly. The Daleks worshipped him as their creator, but eventually turned on him and destroyed him.



  • Carmel


    I haven't sen one since Knor was alive. Saw him in Yankee Stadium in 1953. He looked in pretty good shape then but then I was in an upper tear row, about half a mile from the pitchers mound, so maybe his make up made him look better than he really was...



  • AlanF

    Here's what I know about some of the GB members:

    The old guys:

    Carey Barber: ?
    John (Jack) Barr: ?
    Milton Henschel: has severe Alzheimer's disease
    Theodore Jaracz: active and in good health
    Albert Schroeder: frail health, mentally ok for a man of 90
    Daniel Sydlik: active and in good health

    The new guys are all active and in good health:

    Gerrit Loesch
    Samuel Herd
    David Splane
    Stephen Lett
    Guy Pierce

    The dead guys:

    Lloyd Barry
    John Booth
    Fred Franz
    George Gangas
    Karl Klein
    Lyman Swingle

  • SixofNine

    I believe (don't quote me on this) that knor has since finished his earthly course, Carmel.

  • GermanXJW
    I think Samuel Herd was at a DC in the past several years. He's GB now, isn't he? But a younger, "Nethinim" GB member, no?

    There are no Nethinim members on the GB. The Nethinim don't profess to be of the anointed. The GB still all profess to be of the anointed. (But at least one - Gerrit Lösch - was one of the Nethinim, started to take from the emblems and made it a GB member)

    BTW, how comes I'm always near confusing "Nethinim" with "Nephilim"? ;-)

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