Education Double Standard

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  • villagegirl

    Sigh - Tech49 , your preachin' to the choir, as the saying goes.

    Been there. But I am amazed they pull this off decade after decade,

    generation after generation.

    I was a 15 year old "convert", now I have

    grandchildren. I married at 18 to a 35 year old "brother"

    a dumb as a stone, janitor, who slept through meetings

    and was brain dead. I married him to "be in the truth".

    I left him to raise my daughter on my own and go

    to university, a long struggle.

    A longer struggle to truly free my spiritual life.

    The stunted, undeveloped talent, the wasted time,

    the absurd pressures to believe it is the only way to

    "salvation" the "only true religion" How do some of us

    manage to live a split life ? How did I manage to get a

    university degree and attend meetings at the same time

    while being treated like a second class citizen in the congregation ?

    What was missing in my brain that allowed me to subject

    myself to these absurdities ?

  • smiddy


    your OP was spot on , do the legal team , which we all know the governing body rely heavily on ,only have the basic education to get by on ? I dont think so...It is a fact the organization has financed certain individuals through schooling to get their degrees in law school .And to deny that would be a blatant lie.

    So the governing body wants to use higher educated individuals ,for their bulding projects walkill etc. in some cases financed by them for their purposes,yet discourage higher education for the average witness . keep them uneducated so we can control them better


  • XstuckX

    I am a prime example of this. I was raised JW. I got straight A's all through school without even trying. I was an excellent athlete,but of course, could never play sports. I was constantly hounded by coaches who saw me outperform their prime athletes in physical education class. This too I did without much effort. I had no real ambition to be a full time servant, but this is what was pounded into my head. So I never tried in school, graduated early, being told I was doing the right thing. Soon after graduating high school I moved out and immediately quit attending meetings and began indulging in drugs, alcohol, and sex. I ended up in prison for a few years because of an altercation. When I got out I moved back in with my parents and began attending meetings again. I went to a community college to get a AD in auto tech and now make a decent living, though we do struggle.

    I often think about how my life would be if I had been allowed to pursue my passions.

  • sammielee24

    What is more hypocritical than the Society printing the evils of education - is the JW's themselves who ARE educated, then denying the same education and opportunity to their own children.

    I know well educated JW's who have kids who are being home schooled and when asked IF they will allow little Janie and Jimmie to go to university like daddy - look away and state that 'we will deal with it IF it comes up'. Answer - not if I can help it.

    Kind of like the hypocrisy that reigns in the 'don't follow the world; don't mix in the world; don't take part in holidays as in the world; don't engage in the war or the government - and then they take jobs in schools full of worldly kids, parents, holidays and government benefits; they take pensions from the military; they take pensions from any public sector job they held while working in the world - but decry any interactions others have in the world. sw

  • Tech49

    I wanted to revive this thread from a few months ago, as it appears that the same double standard is occuring in other countries, Europe, etc.

    Evem here in the US just lately on the West coast, there has been a real ramp up in the RBC's to look for "educated" engineers, architects, developers, and the like. Word on the street is that the Regional Building Committes are being told to ramp up remodels and new construction by a factor of 4. Yes, 4 times the construction activity from last year, going into 2014.

    Oddly enough though, hard to find that kind of quality workers coming from a non-educated pioneering background!

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    A sister posted today on Facebook how she wished she had listened, followed the advice and not been lured into higher education...what a mistake it was. Mind you, she's a licensed mental health practioner now. Sigh.

  • AlphaMan

    I often think about how my life would be if I had been allowed to pursue my passions.

    XstructX.....I am so sorry you went through that. The Watchtower Society is the stealer of lives and the killer of dreams.

  • rmt1

    It is not only child abuse. It is human slavery. It is human trafficking. It violates the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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