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  • Naeblis

    Bah!! I'm too chicken!!

  • AGuest

    Then start slow... one class at a time. What have you to lose?


  • rem


    I'm glad you brought this up. I'm going through the exact same thing right now. I'm too chicken to give up my high paying computer job to be poor and in school full time. But then again, it could be fun. But on the other hand all of those student loans kinda freak me out.

    I was thinking about doing as some of the others suggested: Take one night class a semester on a subject that interests me and take it from there. I guess I should talk to an advisor, but I really don't know what I want to do right now. Funny thing is I have friends from high school who are still in college/law school (I'm 26). But then again, they are barely scraping by and I own two houses. God, this computer field has made me so materialistic (J-dub term). LOL

    What to do, what to do...


    "We all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking." - Mark Twain
  • teejay
    My younger son was going after computer degree, discovered a love of History & Government, now would like to teach. Earning straight A's at college of Charleston. He works as a waiter in Charleston, loves to talk with all the tourists, lives by the ocean, has a beautiful live-in girifriend, and doesn't mind being poor. Wish I'd done it.– waiting


    Ain’t THAT the god’s honest truth!? I can’t help but think that YOU, because of your trek through and OUT of the Org, made it possible. I mean, he could be a budding ministerial servant right now, eh?

    Then start slow... one class at a time. What have you to lose?

    Naeb? Shelby?

    That’s the way I’m doing it. One class a semester, sometimes two. One night (maybe two) a week. Very manageable.

  • Perry

    Try an on-line screen play course. It's great stress relief... and could net you loads of money.

  • larc

    rem, et al,

    I would think many of you folks that work for companies, that they would pay your tuition. Also, if some courses will give you more work related skills, you can deduct any other expenses not paid by your employers, e.g., travel, books, etc.

  • SYN

    Good luck Naeblis! This is something I might consider doing one day!

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  • Kristen

    ... you could try out one of the many free online courses at Barnes and Noble University just to see if you have the desire and/or discipline to keep up with their weekly or biweekly learning curriculum.

    Heck, just do it for personal enrichment. You don't even need to buy the books!


  • Naeblis

    Stop your whining elbobbo. *laugh* For someone who "doesnt care what people think of them," you sure are childish and immature. :)

    Pigs flying yo usay. Oh.. I see. That's a joke! Haha! I understand. Because pigs don't fly!! *holds side* That's rich.. did you make that up? Cause that's really something. I could see that being used in other similar situations of disbelief. Because they don't fly you see everyone, of course implying I would be equally usuccessful. That's something. Good job. :)

  • Naeblis

    Well not many people can counter a devestating logical attack as your "pig thesis" as easily as you must be able to. Also, your "idiot" at the end, is so debilitating to me, I can no longer go on. You are a joy. lol

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