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  • peaceloveharmony

    hey naebs :) i think you definately should do the school thing. find a school that is not just an online or correspondance school. check out the university of toronto, they should have programs for the non-traditional student. i worked part and full time while attending classes, it's not that hard and work was a nice place for me let my mind wander, think up paper ideas and connect the ideas and things i was learning.

    i know at the university of minnesota, their night classes (which use to be strictly for continuing education but not anymore) meet the same standards as their daytime counterpart. same credit, same assignments etc.

    so if i was you, i'd set up an appointment with an advisor at where ever you are looking at attending and they can tell you all the programs they have available. or check out their website :)

    anyways, just do it! you have talent and i think even without a degree you can go far with it but school will help you tons. and you will actually put your degree in english to use!


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  • larc


    I think definetly have a talent for writing. I love your quick witted email exchanges that you have shared with us.

    As far as college goes, you might think of doing something like AGuest is doing. If you work an 8 to 5 job, you might consider taking evening classes. That's how I got my degrees. I usually took to classes on the same night, say Monday and Wednesday, which gave me a day in between to study, if I needed it. Also, I would try to pick two classes that you think you would really enjoy, helps get you off to a good start.

    Although some distance learning courses are quite good, I like the interaction of the live classroom better, as well as the socialization with other students, even with the profs, on occassion.

  • teejay

    Although some distance learning courses are quite good, I like the interaction of the live classroom better, as well as the socialization with other students, even with the profs, on occassion.

    I agree, Larc.

    I’ve taken both types of courses – the traditional classroom and also online. For sheer enjoyment and getting the most out of the class, the classroom environment is hard to beat. Having discussions and hearing the viewpoints of the professors and other students, and being able to ask questions and get meaningful, immediate answers are just a couple of the advantages that will never be copied by online courses.

    Of course, you can’t beat the convenience of schooling online, but that’s the only advantage.

  • Imbue

    Naebs, Go ahead and get started with one class that you know you will enjoy. Just make sure it's transferable to your local University. You'll figure it out as you go along. *see my reply else where*

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  • singsongboi

    in the end, what will matter is -- can u do it?????

    that will depend on talent + training -- so if u think u got it -- go do it!!!

    i took a year off, (in 2000) and went to school for a year.. loved the learning experience (tho i am no longer young)

    when i stop working in about 3 years -- i intend to do a degree in asian or chinese studies!!!

    really looking forward to that!!!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Naeblis,

    I don't know your age, your finances or your circumstances, but I join with all your "fans" here who are encouraging you to DO IT! I would be inclined toward the disipline and community of a "real" as opposed to :virtual:" university, but that's just my own preference.

    It sounds like you've got good opportunities either way - you surely want some kind of accreditation and recognition from any virtual university. The important thing is that your instructors will usher you into the inner sanctum of the field you are interested in.

  • Hyghlandyr

    Naeblis, cool interesting man. While I wish I had attended university back when I was becoming a witness, since it would have all been paid for, and I would be makin tons of money now. I am also thoroughly convinced this time exactly what I want to study. Linguistics. Words, histories, languages.

    I recently contacted a couple of the colleges here in cincinnati, and learned a few things, applicable to me. Naturally a lot more people our age, I'm 34, are attending colleges, and getting degrees. They are usually more serious about the studies, and the colleges are eager to get them. Grants, and loans are still available for us, and the schools will help out.

    Someone suggested, just take a class. Make sure its credits are transferable. That is an excellent option. You do not have to take the standard credits in a year. A class a semester is fine. That is what I plan to do, especially, since in the beginning I will be paying for them myself. The first classes I really want to concetrate on are critical thinking courses. Which also leads me in several directions.

    Keep us posted on what you find out.

    Francois, do you have a link to that university?

  • Elsewhere

    Naeblis, become a literary bum... Stand on a busy street corner downtown reading aloud fine literature.

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  • Naeblis

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I think I'll make a few exploratory phone calls to Uni's in my area.

  • waiting

    My middle son took the Big Gulp and went off to college & graduated at 22. Now in Law School......with the loans up his wazzoo (actually spelling?). Still moans it's worth it, and had enough money to fly to Europe for Spring Break (hear smoking pot is legal over there).

    His younger brother worked on computers at Federal Mogul, but didn't like it - even though the pay was great. His brother finally convinced him to take the Big Plunge, quite his job, get the loans, be poor, and get a 4 yr degree.

    My younger son was going after computer degree, discovered a love of History & Government, now would like to teach. Earning straight A's at college of Charleston. He works as a waiter in Charleston, loves to talk with all the tourists, lives by the ocean, has a beautiful live-in girifriend, and doesn't mind being poor.

    Go figure...young people. Wish I'd done it


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