Wheat and Weeds artwork in July 15th Watchtower

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  • prologos

    so the wt illustration has removed the two tier by cancelling the earth OS GC .

    better a heavenly hope, you would never know if they are gone to heaven or

    just gone.

  • Splash

    So there are the firstfruits, then the overly ripe harvest, then the ripe harvest which gets destroyed.

    The firstfruits are the 144,000, the overly ripe are the earthly class and the ripe ones are the worldy ones.

    Just trying to get my head around the descriptions.


  • smiddy

    I hope this is not off topic ........ “Look at the ARTWORK!”

    How many remember the" Artwork" of jesus , depicted in WT related articles as CLEAN SHAVEN ?? not having a beard ?when all the evidence not only in biblical studies , and historical accounts, but also in watchtower publications ,historical records ,jewish religious men ,who he was one of , clearly state he had a beard ? As was custom and jesus never challenged that.

    When confronted with a picture of Jesus clean shaven ? what will a jehovahs witness response be ? NU LITE ?

    If we have to debate that, it just shows how brain dead they really are . ..........and how pitied they should be .


  • Splash

    @smiddy (also not wanting to derail the thread but adding to the point made):

    Seems the Soc are unsure whether he did or not. Probably the most stupid and pointless flip-flop.


    YES - (1914) Photodrama of Creation (pictures) p.57, 58, 61, 88:

    NO - w54 8/15 p. 511 Questions From Readers

    Watch Tower publications show Jesus as beardless and with short hair because he is shown that way in representations of him that are older than the traditional effeminate-looking picture... The photograph of this church window... shows a cross with a young man nailed to it, beardless and with short hair, to represent "Christ crucified, but triumphant."... Since the Bible does not describe Jesus’ facial appearance or indicate he had a beard of length, we follow the oldest archaeological evidence rather than the later traditional view.

    YES - w68 5/1 p. 286 Questions From Readers

    Biblical evidence is the most reliable testimony to be found on this question, and a recent careful review of what it says indicates that Jesus did indeed have a beard.

    NO - (1986) Worldwide Security under the Prince of Peace (picture) p.164:

    YES -(2012) Good News From God (brochure picture) p.9:

  • punkofnice

    WBT$ artwork. YUK. I can't see the difference over the years between WBT$ artwork and Nazi propaganda posters from WW2.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I have a possible explanation for why "other sheep" are not in the illustration.

    The bible was not written for them it was written only for the anointed and the other sheep are saved by their show of servitude and worship towards the GB.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Great observation!

  • Watkins

    I think Amelia has the answer - the 'other sheep', according to wt - are not in the picture by wt design.

    It must be GMO wheat.

  • Bobcat


    So there are the firstfruits, then the overly ripe harvest, then the ripe harvest which gets destroyed.

    No, in Revelation 14 there are the firstfruits (verses 1-5, the 144,000), then a follow-on grain harvest (verses 14-16, which is "dried out," meaning it has turned brown from its earlier green growing stage, indicating it is ready for harvesting), then a grape harvest of ripe grapes (verses 17-20, picturing the ones who get 'crushed').

    The WT tries to make out that the second harvest is a grape harvest. If it were, its "dried out" condition would indicate it was ruined before it had even been harvested. But the rendering "thoroughly ripe" (literally "dried out") indicates it is not a grape harvest, but a grain harvest.

    The WT illustration in the RC book is trying to hide that fact, which they must in order to maintain their fiction that only the 144,000 are the "wheat" of the wheat & weeds parable.

    Take Care

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