New Light? Or moving the Goalposts?

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  • braincleaned

    The WTS and it's self appointed GB is quite ridiculous, and have no shame.

    The TRUTH is the TRUTH. Period. "New Light" means that new understanding sheds more light and clarity to that truth.

    But these mind-controlers DISMISS their old "truths" — they dump them. They do NOT shed new light on them.

    Anyone with a brain can see that what they are REALLY doing is "moving the goalposts" — and they will continue to do that, sinece there are enough gullible sheep to swallow all of it up, without questioning... as questionning is conviently demonized.

    Creeps and Liars.

  • FadeToBlack

    I think as Ouibelette (sorry about spelling) mentioned recently, their comparison about Apollo's progressive understanding of the truth and the way it works in WT land fell short. This is a big issue with me. I have tried to explain this several times to my wife. The best example I could come up with about what progressive understanding means is math.

    In 9th grade, you learned Algebra. In 10th, geometry. What we learned about geometry did not mean we had to forget everything we learned about Algebra.(OK you might forget it, but it is still valid, true, and useful). With prior Wt teachings, not so much.

  • Crazyguy

    I think when they rolled out in 1995 the 'This Generation' doesn't mean this generation but something completely different that any linguist would of puked in their mouths over and the Rank and File lapped it up like dogs to vomit, the GB knew they could say and do anything that want and the rank and file would be ok with it.

  • Ding

    Russell compared progressive light to someone turning on more and more gas jets in a room.

    The new light didn't extinguish the old but added to it.

    Of course, WT "new light" isn't like that at all.

    It's a euphemism for "changing our doctrines."

    Several examples:

    -- The Great Pyramid is "God's stone witness."

    -- Organ transplants are cannibalism.

    -- The "heavenly class" closed in 1935.

    When a JW says, "Oh, that's old light," I think some good responses might be:

    -- "Do you really think the WT leaders were being led by Jehovah's spirit when they came up with that?"

    -- "Isn't it an insult to Jehovah to call that 'light' at all?"

    -- "If Jehovah didn't tell them that, then where do you think it came from?"

  • LongHairGal


    That 1995 changed teaching on generation did it for ME and it was good riddance.

    Even if it took a few years many JWs ended up walking away like I did. Even those who DIDN'T walk away made other plans like going back to school and working overtime catching up on retirement income, etc.

    I still think the fallout from this and subsequent generation nonsense is still happening and more people will leave. Once the elderly "hard-liners" pass away, the religion is really going to be in trouble.

    So, let the religion keep moving the goalposts. I'm no longer playing the game.

  • prologos

    ding:right! heavenly class full in 1935,

    now they have 12 000+ new partakers, a whole new tribe .

    goalpost moved into the 2080s perhaps with overlapping generation.

  • Laika

    I hate when they use the phrase 'New truth' to describe a new understanding. How can a truth be 'new'?

  • fresh prince of ohio
    fresh prince of ohio

    I think that to some degree the tail wags the dog. The abused keep enabling the abuser.

    What I mean by that is, even after Jan 1st 1915 arrived, and virtually nothing that Russell had predicted came true, people still were still willing to follow him, they still believed that he was a cosmically important figure. And it certainly wasn't in CTR's nature to say to them, 'oops, heheh, looks like I was entirely wrong and I guess I'm not special and nor is the time period we're living in, so go on home folks!'

    Even after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob failed to appear in 1925, people still followed Rutherford. Once again, a charismatic person with a large following, not like he was gonna sell it all off and disband it, people still were looking to him as their leader regardless of what how obviously idiotic he was to those not under his spell.

    After 1975, after 1984, 1994, after 2014, people still followed and will continue to follow the WTS. The critical mass was reached long ago, the enterprise is makes a steady profit year after year, the egomaniacal weirdos at the top believe in their divine appointment in their own weird and compartmentalized ways, and the rank and file have so heavily bought into it that it all that it's all a well-oiled machine, masters and slaves.

  • Listener

    They've moved the goal posts out because they have been cornered into explaining why Armageddon hasn't yet come. In doing so this has also meant that Armageddon is not as imminent as they were once preaching, there is very little that they can point to to encourage it's closeness.

    It seems all they have left now is encouraging the flock to talk about current world events amongst themselves, which is what they did in a recent magazine. They have now turned to the flock to keep the fire going, it works with the older ones.

  • Crazyguy

    Thats so right pretty soon there will be 'how to make a sponge cake' in the watchtower mag or 'is your arthritis acting up how can god help'. they have really nothing to talk about anymore.

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