Blast from the Past

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  • Athanasius

    Last Friday I got a message on my Classmates account from Alice, a JW girl I hadn't seen in over 40 years. I checked her profile and in her current photo she is wearing a Native American necklace and earrings with tribal or religious symbols. BTW Alice is not Native American. Her biography mentioned her divorce and remarriage, her career, and accomplishments. She also dropped a few names of famous people she knew or worked with. There was no mention of religion or JW activity. In fact her bio read like a successful normal non-JW.

    So I replied to her message and asked about her family.

    I wasn't surprised when her reply was this question: Before I respond to your inquiries, please tell me if you are still one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Since her biography was not what you would expect from an active JW, I thought that she was sounding me out because if I was, then I might inform on her to the elders. So I replied that I became inactive in 1984, so the answer to her question would be no.

    He next reply was surprising. She said: Have a nice life and contact me if and when you return to the Truth.

    I knew Alice when we were both teenagers and she lived a double life then, and probably still does according to her biography.

    Anybody else have an experience like this?

  • braincleaned

    Haha! A good example of a true JW... if you can't live it, pretend it.

  • Honesty
    She said: Have a nice life and contact me if and when you return to the Truth.

    She doesn't have the truth so why should she demand that you have it?

  • sherrie11

    Send her details to the WTBT S hit Society Head office with the pics, lol

    She will be an apostate an enemy!!! Questions asked!!

    Oh you have to send by snail mail.. the org is soooo 'contact us',...but not by email.

  • losingit

    Haha. Typical jdub style. My ex husband only deals with me bc we have kids, but believe me, his attitude is much like your friend's-- to judge others while professing holiness for himself! I also have another friend who is very much inactive, with a worldly girfriend and a job that no witness would take for sake of the meetings, his fb page is all about his" worldly" life but still proclaims WT is the truth and is able to have association with other witnesses bc he's not disfellowshipped! I guess you can't escape the organization. (And i guess I'm hating on faders, mostly bc i wasn't given the chance to fade)

  • Pistoff

    I am a fader, but I would never shun any df'd, inactive or slacker JW.

    They are my favorite witnesses!

    My wife's family is full of the self righteous types, who of course also love the vicious gossip that the pioneers trade in.

  • Crazyguy

    You should have known that when she asked this question that she was still a witness, no non witness would have asked you this.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    "Have a nice life and contact me if and when you return to the Truth."

    I realized that most JW's would be very well accomplished in cinema, they're some of the best actors ever. This hasn't happened to me yet but I'm not going to keep my fingers crossed, it will happen for sure. The more wrong the person is and the more they lead that double life, the more they have to look at other people for assurance that Jehovah is with them.

    I mean God can't be behind honest individuals with logical doubts but he's definitely supporting Mary J. Pioneer who hates people, lies, cheats, and steals- all seems well in the universe. Sorry you had to go through that Athanasius and thanks for sharing...

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Thats the part I thought was odd about dubs. They can be sleeping with everyone and anyone, living a double life, but as soon as u say something against the WT, they turn on u as if you are the devil

  • smiddy

    I have had similar experiences too , from fair weather Dubs ,who only go to the hall for weddings , funerals or the memorial or sometimes the CO`s visit ,and when you say something against the bros. your marked. UNBELEIVABLE.


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