Millions now living will never die

by MrFreeze 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • MrFreeze

    Thanks for that NeverKnew!

    Just remember, we are supposed to look at the origin of things like holidays to know not to be involved with them but the less we know about the origin of our religion, the better.

  • notjustyet

    Thanks for confirming that for me.

    I wanted to clarify that I myself did not believe that the future claim from the WTBTS that there would be those that in effect, would never die to be a "out" for thier claims of millions now living will never die IE a futuristic setting.


  • prologos

    of course Rutherford would have never believed that we would looking at his outrageous claim of 1918

    in 2013!!

    but whatever He thought is irrevelant.

    these words stick to the WT Faithful & Discreet Slave of 1919.

    A false prophecy, then, now and in the future.

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