Millions now living will never die

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  • MrFreeze

    Yes, Rutherford proclaimed in 1918 that "millions now living will never die." Well it's been 95 years since. How many 95+ year old people are alive on earth today? Does it number into the millions?

  • jookbeard

    that failed prophecy was in expectation of the resurrection of the faithful patriarchs of the OT who Rutherfraud had built the house Beth Sarim forin 1925, the generation who would live to see the events of 1914 at the great tribulation was a far far later 70's and 80's failure

  • prologos

    the peoblem with prophecies is that they are heard from the unalterable PAST --

    but are FULLFILLED in the FUTURE.

    WT WRITERS in their WISDOM made it more unlikely for Rutherford to redeem himself as a TRUE PROPHET, BECAUSE

    WT decreed that only BAPTISED JW and under 10 year olds will survive Armageddon* -- so,

    YOU will need at least 2 miilion Baptised witnesses over 97 years old if,-- Not just the great Tribulation but ARMAGEDDON will come in 2014. #

    2 million 100 year old JW if it is not SOON but comes in 2017 ! or

    2 000 000 JWs that are 120** years old in 2037, well shy of the 2087 figure for GT/A that the "Overlapping Generation" WT THEORY allows. so:

    lets make it a goal in our ministry to try to concentrate on the geriatic wards the senile homes, the live alone seniors and couples !!!!! because

    we need them to make Rutherford WT BtS a true prophe t!!! really???

    NO, their estates, if when willed to us will make for GOOD unPUBLISHED WT statistics.

    It is the numbers that count, you know!?

    * unless you are of the ANOINTED, then you will NOT survive Armageddon, you will positively DIE, most likely horribly. BEFORE Armageddon

    ** the practical lifespan of humans with healthy organs.

    # wt taught once that there might be oodles of time between the GT start and its Armageddon climax, at lest 50 years perhaps.

    talk about the days beeing shortened.

  • Sayswho

    I looked this up and for the fulfillment of this did not come to pass as intended. Not enough are alive. So another false teaching!


  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    They have that covered... they changed it "Millions Now Living MAY Never Die" in the February 15, 2010 WT Rag... You know, re-writing their history as usual... they have carte blanche to do that you know.... it says so in Proverbs 4:18 and Micah 7:7....

  • prologos

    The past can not be altered. they had "--May never die'" and canged yhat later to "--WILL never die". bad decision!!

    it was not fulfilled in 1925, not 31, not 41, not 1975

    and will not in the future without

    the repeal of the laws of nature.

    fat chance.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes, Rutherford proclaimed in 1918 that "millions now living will never die."

    What a great statement to put on the front cover of a magazine though !

    that kind of commercialization you would only find in the United States.

    You got to hand it to Rutherford though he had balls, maybe it was the booze that created this aggression.

  • prologos

    Is this all relevant today?

    Yes it is:

    FOR on the BASIS of THAT prophecy

    THE FAITHFULL & DISCREET SLAVE was established in 1919. right !

    and its legacy is never more truer than when that idea was concocted in Brooklyn and published in the July 15 2013 Watchtower mag.

    How do you spell Brooklyn? F---E P-----T.

    from Rutherford to the eight. and on.

  • notjustyet

    Get this,.. some Jw apologist somewhere wrote and argued that the statement "millions now living will never die" could still be a truthful statement. How you may ask,.. here is his angle.

    In the FUTURE paradise earth, heaven, what have you, their will THEN be those that heard that message that were living at that time, that will in effect NEVER DIE.

    So although he admits that they did die here on this earth in THIS lifetime, there is the future life where they "WILL NEVER DIE" I know that that is NOT what Rutherford was selling, but it is this particular guys way of dealing with that failed prophecy.

    Just sharing,... not my views at all in case your wondering.


  • TotallyADD

    The Wt. of Feb. 15 2010 were they change that one word "will" to "may" was the cement that convinced me the Wt. is lying to us. Even though I had waken up knowing the TATT this manipulation of this statement made by Rutherford really was a eye opener for me. As a child into adulthood the Wt. would pull out this saying from Rutherford to convince the flock on how close the end was. As far as notjustyet said. It's true the Wt. can twist this saying into anything they want. They are master at that but I know what they meant from their earlier teachings of this saying. Hey Mr. Freeze what are you doing posting at 3 A.M. in the morning? Could not sleep last night? Hot date? LOL Take care friend. Totally ADD

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