Unintended fallout from July 15 WT on "Anointed & Generation"?

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  • prologos

    Jesus, as reported in Math 24:34 said: "--THIS generation --will by no means pass away until ALL these things occur."

    THIS GENERATION According to current, apostate proof*, WT teaching, doctrine, are

    THE ANNOINTED in overlapping generation(s) since 1914, right?

    The 'ALL' in the Jesus quotation above would include the biggest ALL of them all,

    ALLMAGEDDON? right?


    The July 15 wt shows on page 11 and page 14 par 17, that

    the Annointed die, that this "generation" dies and is "--gathered to heaven", perhaps raptured even, ---

    BEFORE the Battle of Armageddon. so:

    is the "Anointed are the overlapping generation of 1914" teaching now wrong? or old light?-- NO.

    is the FRESH LIGHT anointed listen!: "before Armageddon you die" wt teaching wrong?

    is the QUOTATION of Jesus, , the Bible wrong?

    or is "the greatest man that ever lived" HIMSELF wrong?

    there should be

    FALLing OUT from failed teachings like that.

    How can you go from door to door, stand on the KH platform or sit on a committee and be representing stuff like that?

    *APOSTATE PROOF: if you do not believe or teach this, you are PROVEN to be an Apostate and thrown out to Satan(if any).

    for what it is worth.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Very confusing isn't it?

    When Hubby I first left last October, we started reading all those prphecies and parables for what they really said. It helped that we also bought about 12 other bible translations to compare verses. We came to the conclusion that Jesus was only talking about THEIR generation that would be alive to see Jerusalem destroyed in 70ce. There is no proof that there is a double application/fulfillment.

  • prologos

    point well taken , but giving them the benefit of the doubt, that some of their points might be right,

    The above opinion brings out the double whammy of "wt writer work":

    First you SHOOT yourself in the FOOT and then

    Firmly plant that FOOT in your MOUTH.

    FOOT in MOUTH DESEASE of those that like to

    HOG the teaching monopoly.

  • laverite

    They don't know what the eff they are teaching anymore, it has gotten so mumbled and jumbled as they try to make sense of their false prophecies. The 1914 generation is long gone. They had to keep expanding the definition of generation. Finally, no further "expansion" was possible so time to redefine into multiple overlapping generations. The mental acrobatics to follow this $h*t is dizzying.

    Honestly, where is Cher when you need her?!!

  • prologos

    laverite: it is all coming out in the final wash.

    right now the generation TIME includes armageddon, but

    the generation will die BEFORE armageddon, so

    it does not.

    all in one doctrine package.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Article written by Doug Mason, includes this:

    The GB’s ability to change beliefs and practices raises
    ? Since their "new light" is now Truth, how could
    anyone know when the GB is finally telling the real
    Truth? How can truth become a falsehood?
    ? Is truth determined by who is speaking rather than
    by what they are saying? Does a loyalty to
    changed Truth indicate that obedience to the WTS
    is more important than Truth? Is the only
    immoveable dictum "unquestioning obedience" to
    the GB? Is what matters WHOM the GB claims to
    be regardless of WHAT it teaches?
    ? How can the GB complain about errors in the
    beliefs of other organisations when they are
    prepared to admit that they have been (and
    probably still are) teaching matters that were not
    true and needed to be changed?
    ? How can the organisation complain about any of its
    followers when they voice questions or doubts? If a
    JW taught these new teachings before they were
    introduced, the JW would have been summarily
    dismissed. Yet someone was clearly able to
    question previously held Truth, otherwise these
    new ideas could not have come to pass. How was
    this achieved without any judicial actions being
    taken against them? What was true in the past can
    no longer be allowed to enter a JW’s mind – until
    the next change is imposed.
    ? What impact will there be on followers when they
    find that suddenly and instantaneously they have to
    reverse positions they had been told to hold dear?
    How many lives and families have been wrecked
    because a member voiced doubt about positions
    that the GB has now discarded?


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    That article, The Truth Changes, by Doug Mason, is a dissection of the July 15 study WT.

  • prologos

    Apostates are not "running ahead"

    Wt writers are just too slow to follow.

    the above topic, related question is:

    does the " end prophecy" of Jesus include Armageddon?

    if it does the

    Generation overlapping of " wt anointed" is wrong, contradictory,although or

    because it is still their key teaching.

  • Crazyguy

    I have come to the conclusion that if the overlapping generation thing that the WT teach is acctually true that would mean the Israelites still have not left the desert for the promise land because the generation has not died off yet.

  • prologos

    crazy guy, please think of the END of the anointed generation,

    the eight

    in wait

    for Armageddon.

    They WILL --DIE-- Before Armageddon.

    But Armageddon is included in the TIME that will not pass before they die.

    so the specifics are wrong and its in print in the wt 7/15/ 2013 . as quoted above.

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