Kafka would appreciate this --getting off the grid.

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  • Glander

    In Arizona there is a utility district that is proposing to raise nightime elec. rates on customers who have installed solar systems!

    Gonna getcha one way or the other.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    That is sooo F'd up?!?

  • designs

    Yep it stinks. SDG&E and Edison here want to add an extra fee for having solar, we're fighting it. Monopolies- what ya gonna do.

    Adding additional solar panels to your system to offset the charges may work or minimize the charges. We did.

  • Satanus

    Too bad, you cant go all the way, and cut THEM off.


  • designs

    Battery packs! You can go off grid. It takes a pretty good set of batteries but it can be done. Lots of Ex-Pat Americans living in Baja California buy the off-grid kits for their homes.

  • LisaRose

    Where I live people started conserving water so well the water dept. is not bringing in enough money to cover expenses, so they are raising the rates. It seems to me that if we are forced to conserve water, they should be forced to conserve expenses.

  • garyneal

    In my old hometown, its biggest employee shut down its plant years ago. The result? The city raises electricity rates on all its residents to cover the lost income from the now defunct fabric mill. Nice one, raise the cost of electricity on the citizens who are mostly out of work or underemployed at the Walmart or some restaurant.

  • garyneal


    Where I live at we are also using less water and the city is trying to find ways to recoup the losses. Like WTF!

  • nonjwspouse

    In my city, there is a company that developed a great way to capture grey water from parking lots run off ect, and use it incommercial buildings forthings like flushing the toilets and other industrial uses cutting water bills by at least half. The Mayor at first wanted to tour the company, excited of this green idea, then turned white, and other shades when recogniseing this water was being put into the sewer system without paying for it on the front end. After that he would have nothing to do with it and disallowed it to be used here ( the company is doing huge business overseas right now)

    Now the company developed a way to treat the wastewater created so there is no need to use the sewer system, but the government is still not too keen on it.

    It's all about that bottom $$$ tax or otherwise, that the government feels entitled to.

  • fakesmile

    i will definately be incorperating solar into my renovation. screw them. let them have a few extra coins at night. filthy parasites.

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