Religious Fundamentalism and the fear of Education and its results

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  • designs

    We experienced this phenomenon first hand and the rationale that went with it- the evil world and Satan are out to destroy our minds and faith.

    For many of us it meant no college, no institutes of higher learning. No careers in the sciences and other fields which required university degrees.

    Our country is deeply divided along religious lines with proponents of the Bible and Quran holding to claims long disproven by science.

    A terrible news story came from Afghanistan today- Road bombs killed six children. We hear of this many times, way to often, but here the story takes a sadder turn. The bombs were placed on the footpath to and from the school these children went to. It was not meant to harm the Soldiers in the country, it was not on a highway where tanks drove, it was meant to kill and frighten school children and their parents from learning, learning about something better.

    When will this fear of learning ever leave the human race.

  • TotallyADD

    Religious fundamentalism has become a very dangerous element in the world. Denying scienfific research. Denying their children to go to public school but home school their kids with material from the fundamental church were half truths abound. I heard the other day some churches have started a program called Drones for Christ. Teaching teenager how to fly drones with their computers. Just like the WT. The dumber the better. Totally ADD

  • designs

    US Congressman and conservative Christian Paul Broun gave a speech where he said what he learned in college science classes was from the 'pits of Hell'. It is one thing to have this as your informed view but then they want to bring this view into our Public Schools and warp millions of young minds.

  • designs

    In rural India superstition still controls the lives of millions. It is believed that mental illness is caused by evil spirits. When someone dies by suicide the belief is that the evil spirit gets trapped inside the body and to release it the eardrums of the deceased are pierced. Modern methods of psychology and medicine to treat mental illness are very difficult to introduce to the local populace.

  • Vidiot
    TotallyADD - "Religious fundamentalism has become a very dangerous element in the world."


    Back when I was still semi-active yet aware of fundamentalism's negative effect on society, I thought that if anything could cause the world to turn of "Babylon the Great" it would be these people getting control of a superpower's government, i.e. the Religious Right in the US.

  • designs

    Fascinating what is happening in Egypt, after 2 years the populace is turning out the Fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

  • neverscreamagain

    I can remember the day when it finally sunk in that being a JW, that I was in a fundamentalist religion cult. I had always applied the term to either Islam or the Right-Wing Christian evangelical types.

    Sam Harris has many thought provoking lectures/video discussions about the long term effects of fundamentalism, both Islamic and Christian.

  • BizzyBee

    Hastening the demise of the Republican Party.

  • designs

    I would not list Catholics as fundamentalists but some of the ideas they allow and promote hold their members back. A Catholic woman prayed to Pope John Paul II and was cured of her illness and so now this Pope has been cleared for Sainthood. How do you even begin to have a dialogue with a person like that or more importantly the current Pope who perpetuates this kind of superstition (and he's touted as the enlightened Pope).

    I was thinking of the GB and how they must be viewing a Pope who is prayed to, that must make them lick their chops.

  • designs

    News came from Nigeria that the Islamic Fundamentalist group Boko Haram attacked a school killing 42. These jihadists forced the school children and staff into a dormatory and threw explosives in the room.

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