Yet Another secretly recorded Judicial Meeting for you...

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  • fakesmile

    this deserves to be in the public domain. much respect for the courage. could use a little editing and some fader work.

  • Listener

    The conversation with the elder after the JC was the most interesting and I've tried to transcribe it (but it's not accurate) -

    After discussing the idea that the judgement of people will occur at Armageddon in such difficult times, whereas it is a different situation for people who have already died, this was stated

    Rachel “It doesn’t make sense that Jehovah would do it like that”

    Elder “Well that’s what we hope for ..a judgement different like that”

    Rachel “And I know you don’t believe that either”

    Elder “Well I really look for Jehovah’s judgement, the way he’s done it in the past, hope for that, but I mean I can’t teach that simply because it is not what the Faithful Slave are saying and their, ar.. decision if you like, is perharps with the idea that we’re conscious of giving the wrong direction and if they were wrong with something like that it would have a devastating affect

    Rachel “It’s a real burden on us though, for me..”

    Elder “Well no, no it’s

    Rachel “It’s the carry around on you, with this belief”

    Elder “Hatred for people, that sort of thing, or

    Rachel “No a feeling that like I tried to tell you in my letter that it’s been very difficult for me to even enjoy life without feeling guilty about enjoying life and I’ve been a non participant in life and a non participant in my marriage because how dare I enjoy these things while all these people here need to come and be baptized as witnesses otherwise they would be chopped

    Elder "But realize that the influence of the angels is there directly that they are there to help us and back us up , if we ? someone, ultimately"

    Rachel “all us account on that but when I do the maths you know why in our country are so few coming in within the developing world they are flocking in, is it because we are more inherintley wicked here, is it because of our higher standard in education or it might be that people have more information that they know all this science is coming in on their minds and there is more barriers “

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Has the fairly recent declaration iterating the Governing Body's position that it, exclusive of the other 'anointed,' are the faithful and discreet slave, increased the number of these hearings? I imagine if I were one of the anointed (and believe me, I would be if I were a member of the JWs), I'd be pretty torqued that they, not the anointed, were the faithful slave.

    I'm surprised that most members aren't ticked over it. It's like a coup. Once you have power, move to consolidate it. Crush all resistence and neutralize opposition.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Too painful to endure, I'll take your word for it.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    WHOO HOO for Kiwis! One of the finest groups of people I've ever met. They're nice, friendly, hard working, but know how to stand up for themselves!!

  • RayPublisher

    Gradually getting more captions and subtitles contributed. Some great quotes in this one, wow the Sis did well in standing up to them.

  • clarity

    Hi Ray .... while I appreciate all the effort and good intent

    to try to effect change by attending a jc & recording it,

    I feel extreme sadness for the seeming futility of the TRYING.


    Rachel does an excellent job of it...I can almost hear her

    'sweating blood' in her sincerity!


    I think few words said the better tho, if a jc seems necessary,

    such as ...."bro what is your name?", ....making sure they all know,

    that you know, who they are and where they live ....done slowly &

    deliberately writing this all down.


    Threaten to sue each of them, if they slander or attempt

    to to cause you any shunning. (see jc letters of Doctor Bob).

    Hand letters to each of them to that effect and >>>WALKOUT!


    Save all that great reseach and argument, and use it publicly,

    not in a little private room with 3 goons!


    While I applaud anyone who does tape a jc, and appreciate

    what goes into it ........this is my 2 cents!


  • grumblecakes


  • notjustyet

    I found it interesting that there was so much joking and laughing toward the end. I mean the lady just said she wanted to be Dfd and that her views differed from the Gbody and it seemed all cheery at the end.

    Possibly for the husbands sake?


  • RayPublisher

    It underlines to me how odd and unantural these tribunals are. The elders (for the most part) don't enjoy doing these and just want to get out of there, and are winging it as they go.

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