Smoking Gun?

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    Thanks Crazyguy.

    The other sheep should never forget that their salvation depends on their active support of Christ’s anointed brothers still on earth.
    Watchtower March 15, 2012, page 20, paragraph 2.

    So, no Jesus. Nevermind he died for us.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    It's not just a "smoking gun," this is Watchtower's "Golden Calf" moment. Although Paul had said that the head of the man is Christ, the GB is now the golden calf that is to be adored as a visual representation between the sheeples and Jehovah. Although Jesus said, "I am with you until the conclusion," the GB says that he's nowhere to be found now, and when he does come, it will only be to give them all authority. Jesus has been reduced to a puppet for the GB.

  • laverite

    Billy - absolutely. But how many Dubs will recognize this? I am sure with each new bat-shit crazy thing Watchtower Corp comes up with, some wake up. Perhaps many stay in due to fear. Sadly, I can't see this (or anything else for that matter!!!) as ever having much of an impact beyond those who are ready tow wake up and face the lies that have been told to them for many years.

  • Satanus

    This stuff is the drug, the crack part of the religion. I doubt it will wake up many jws, just as crack doesn't wake up the addict as it is pushed by the plunger, out the needle, and passes into the vien of his tied arm. The drug/wt slave is under the spell, at this point. They are in denial.


  • Crazyguy

    Billy , you make a great point about the golden calf and everyone else thanks for adding to the quotes the more the better, this is the ammo i'll use to wake up my kids among other things.

  • whathappened

    Wow, it certainly looks like they have jumped the shark with these statements. Someone one this forum who does those great professional looking videos (hello Ray Publisher) should do a YouTube video on theses blasphemous quotes.

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