Can't get any bibles?

by gold_C 25 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Crazyguy

    Don't worry that Jah is not going to except any more people near the end, out of the great tribulation there is a great crowd. The tribulation hasn't started yet and out of it comes a great multitude so they idea that people will be cut off from God's grace at the end is stupid and just more mind control by the ORG.

  • Athanasius

    Maybe the GB is in the process of making a deal with a "worldly publisher" to print NWT at a cost cheaper than printing it on Watchtower presses.

  • stillin

    So, instead of it being the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society it is now the Watchtower Tract Society. Kind of like limping on their own opinion...

  • Satanus

    The niv and nrsv are better than nwt, anyway.


  • blondie

    Athnasius, you probably remember when the WTS farmed out printing.

    1) I remember when people ran to order high-ticket items when the contribution process ended; the WTS had to put limits on it and have parts about no contributing # of pubs ordered should equal proper amount of money to world wide (they would check congregation accounts)

    2) No bibles offered in December as the feature publication any more

    3) Paperback bibles (wear out faster/need to be replaced sooner assuming jws actually look up scriptures)

    4) Chastising jws for losing publications at meetings and conventions and not retrieving. I knew an elder that ran lost and found that would bring the back to his congregation to hand out to poor people and jws whose children were always losing theirs

    5) Certainly not the concept Muslims have about the Koran, washing their hands before touching it to read. (3 years ago a Pakistani Christian man was sentenced to prison for 25 years)

  • stillin
    stillin! That's a real snapshot!

    I also remember the switch to contributions. I was lit servant at the time and it was obscene. Woohoo! Freebies!

    That's sobering about the attitude of Muslims regarding their Koran compared to the lost and found at the District Assemblies.

    I always appreciate your input, Blondie.

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