Masterful Refutation Of The July 15 WT "New Light" Articles

by Room 215 14 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • TheOldHippie

    "Caribbean properties " ?

  • zeb

    have read it. It is a huge piece of work.

    Sounds like the wts is in a soft panic dont trust anyone and are desperate for more time in this system for things to go their way.

  • Heartofaboy


  • braincleaned


    "New light" should shed more clarity to an existing truth. The WTS/GB thinks it means dumping old "truths" as moot.

    It's not new light at all — it's purely moving the goalposts as they go!!!!

  • sherrie11

    Thank you room 215

    The last two thursdays i have noticed witness's setting up a really professional merchandice stand in my suburbs' main street.... the first time there was only one 'brother', he had set up brochures on display etc.. plus big laminated poster of 'Paradise Earth' I actually stopped looked from a few feet and he didnt even approach me.

    There I was someone seeking the truth!


    Anyways this morning (australia thursday) there were two.

    My thoughts were to approach them and ask about new light. i was going to say my sister is one of your mob. (realistically I didnt want to and didnt have a good question for them because i was still a little foggy about the new light)

    Room 215 you have given me the answer to my question how do I " ask about the changes within the JW's doctrine !!!!"i am no longer without knowing certain facts (the a b c according to the Wtf BTS) perhaps i can prompt some sort of cog dis within them kindly.

    I am going to be a lost sheep next Thursday

    PS: i thought about the time they could report, they were there at 7.30 am Only jehobah knows when they closed up shop!!!

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