What is little Caleb doing now?

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  • Oubliette

    jwfacts: "Even Jehovah uses the word please." Neither of the Scriptures referred to at the start mention Jehovah saying please. I wonder what passage they are referring to, and why they just throw some random unreferenced comment like that in.

    Yeah, it's really an interesting thing. The more I objectively examine this religion the more I realize that the Bible is really just a prop.

    jwfacts: Firstly Caleb runs in demanding food, yet in the replay he walks in before politely saying please. Is that some subliminal message that good children should not run?

    Exactly. WT publications are chock full of manipulative language and images. Pretty much every "Study" article has pictures designed to manipulate JW behavior. Some of the manipulation is obvious, some much more subtle.

    To me the picture I captured in the OP is a prime example of that. I think it's actually disgusting that they think children should adopt a submissive posture that resembles begging when simply asking their parent for something to eat.

    It's offensive to any reasonable person.

  • frankiespeakin

    Even Jehovah says please is so stupid, hey jehovah is suppose to know everything and speak any language "supposedly" so jehovah can also say "go f#@k your self" in any language he wants and so what's the point? Should Caleb tell his mom to go f... herself because even jehovah says it or can say it? Oh wait Jehovah don't swear or can't swear but he can do anything, jehovah also kills lots of people when his temper flares maybe little Caleb can find a lesson in that?

    The leaps in logic and childishly nieve teachings of the Governing Body indicate they have serious issues with their jehovah yard stick measuring good and bad at an almost infant level.

  • juanvazquez88

    is there a alien picture in the frige?? jehovah authorizes aliens but not toys??

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