Re: Revision of Sing to Jehovah—Piano Accompaniment

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  • sd-7
    It's funny to watch an entire audience start to fidget when they know they are getting close to one of those really awkward portions of a song...which is going to sound like a cat being dragged through a knothole everytime it's sung.

    And who doesn't remember the old song 100? Once I learned how to understand musical notes (in 8th grade, I believe), I no longer had problems with that, and then I realized I was one of maybe two or three people in the KH who didn't mess it up. It's a tied note, man! Didn't anybody get tired of messing it up and decide to figure out how to get it right?

    Well, some of the new songs definitely sound weird and offkey to me. There are some I think are actually decent, but then they took old classics and screwed those up or changed the lyrics for no real reason. Hmm. Oh, man. Not looking forward to hearing the massive sound of 6,000 people singing these songs in a couple o' weeks...


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