How Do I Reply?

by Stubborn Disbeliever 12 Replies latest social family

  • sarahsmile

    Good for you. They seem old so it might be er to write them a nice lettervand ignore the JW. Let them go in peace. Happy B-Day and ish you the st with everything.

  • sarahsmile

    God I hate my kindle!

  • Fernando

    As many have said questions work best.

    Maybe she could answer this question properly before making any further comments:

    “Can I claim to be ‘in the truth’ or to ‘love the truth’ if the ‘Good News’ according to Paul, Isaiah, Psalms and Moses is not in my heart or on my lips?” (2 Cor 3:16; 4:4; Gal 2:5,14; Eph 1:13; 6:14,15; Col 1:5,6)

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