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  • zound

    I'm not far away from sending out a bunch of letters to all the JW's who I knew when I was one. The letters are the accumulation of the last few months of research etc. I've put a lot of effort into wording things just right so that that the JW's don't instantly throw it in the trash. I've spent countless hours into these, not to mention heartache and stress going over all the details again that make me sad and angry.

    Plus I need to print all these out and post them out to all the people which will cost about $150 in total. Plus I have no contact with anyone from this congregation so I have to get creative with tracking down the addresses of people who have moved etc. I will be sending letters out to everyone in the congregation at the same time, so hope that there could be a mass exit.

    It's alot of effort, time and money and stress I'm putting in to help these JW's to wake up, and there is a pretty strong chance that they will just throw it in the trash or possibly even be aggresive towards me. That's not to mention I'm including my number and making myself available for anyone who wants to talk about things.

    I'm still going to do it but I have had thoughts that maybe everyone has had (or not). I sometimes think about these people who have treated me roughly and shunned me for 9 years (though I'm not even disfellowshipped). As soon as it was clear my life no longer factored into their lives I was dropped like a sack of shit by 100+ people who knew me for ages.

    I know they are brainwashed, but some of them I think are assholes regardless. Alot also wouldn't even be in such dire straights if they ever woke up because they had a foot in both camps anyway - meaning they had their cake and ate it too - they bought houses and cars and put in token efforts as JW's- just enough to stay out of trouble. If they ever left they wouldn't have to start over as much as people like me.

    I didn't have anyone help me out of the cult, but I obviously was helped by the collective efforts of apostates all around the world once I woke up. But it's been a long hard struggle regardless and those (assholes) have treated me like a peice of shit when I needed help the most.

    Like I said, I'm still going to help them if I can - but I sometimes feel a bit bitter and think that alot of the people I knew (not all) almost deserve to stay in the JW fantasy land (I'm just being honest here). Probably a pretty horrible thing to say.

    I don't know why I'm saying this, just venting I guess. I feel like I'm the one who's suffered so much and struggled my way alone for so many years with no one to support me through it all (I never shunned anyone when I was a JW) and these guys get a free mass intervention handed to them on a platter by me - all they have to do is read it.

    Ugh. Sorry about the angsty post - I need to go to bed.

  • GoodGuyGreg

    Sorry to say so, but that won't help anybody a iota. Not you, and not them.

  • punkofnice

    Hi Zound

    I'm glad you are realistic about the reception your mailshot will get. It's noble of you to try and only time will tell how it will turn out.

    Are you willing to share your mailshot for review?

  • zound

    Why do you say that goodguyfred?

    Punk I will once it's done, just a few more touches.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    JWs are to the point that, even when you show them references from WT publications, if it differs from current teachings, it'll be dismissed.

    I've had this experience personally. After referencing an older WT magazine that showed the Org. used to have a completely opposite view on a critical doctrinal issue, the Elder I showed it to replied, "I don't care".

    When I mentioned the obvious, that both points were taught by authority of the same claim-they were both directed by god and He told the WT what to teach- that also was dismissed as irrelevant.

    I'd like to see what your letters contain.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I favor activism.

    Certainly it is FOR SURE that no one will benefit IF YOU DON"T DO IT.

    If you do it, it *might* help someone. It will certainly give you something to put on your accomplishments list.

    It is best that you do this with NO expectation that anyone will respond.

    That way you won't be disappointed, but may be pleased if just one person responds.

    Your letters do not need the approval of anyone else. They are YOUR letters.

    Consider the $150 a gift to the Universe.

    My best wishes to you.

  • Giordano

    You already have about 70 views at the moment. Post your letter here and see how that goes. There is sure to be some good suggestions about what you write....... perhaps even how to make it stronger or rather more effective.

  • ldrnomo

    As soon as they see your letter they'll just think about what they heard at the DC and then they will make sure their blinders on on good then they will label you as an..... ready for this? apostate

  • fakesmile

    sounds like you could use a punching bag. i think you know that you would accomplish piss all.

  • jgnat

    A time of personal reflection, research, and cutting ties can be good. You understand that there may be limited impact to all your hard work. The Witnesses teach one sales technique; cold calls. Knock on stranger's doors, most who are unprepared or uninterested, until somebody takes a nibble. Then you go through the carefully prepared presentation designed to suppress questions, and if you are very, very lucky in six months you have a convert.

    Dialogue, a genuine meeting of minds, is quite different. People meet at a point of common interest. Both are searching. Before talking, listen carefully for the person's point of need. Reflect back to confirm for the listener that you genuinely heard them. Then you can talk about what you have to offer, perhaps tying in to what has already been discussed. This demands a connection, a relationship. It is not shallow or superficial.

    Telemarketers and cold callers need to learn this lesson. Telemarketing has got to be one of the most soul-destroying jobs on the planet.

    I get comfort after putting the past aside, to make hopeful plans for the future.

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