Breastfeeding in Bathrooms...

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  • Glander

    paraphrasing Jesus words..."anyone who looks upon a breastfeeding woman with a thirst has already committed adultery in his heart..."

  • yourmomma

    its not just stuff like this, its the fact that the attenadants are taught to be nazi's. i remember when they banned people sitting on blankets at the conventions. and this one time my dad who is diabetic and older just walked up the million ramps with a heavy as hell cooler at vet stadium and was really winded and was also faint from not eating. so he proceeds to sit on his cooler to rest and recoupe. and as if he was urinating over the railing, an attandant darts over and (while my dads head is down) tells him he cannot sit here. my dad explains what just happened, and that he will only be a few minutes. the addandant tells him that he cant sit there and he must go to the nurising station (which is more walking up ramps). my dad explains that he doesnt need that and simply needs a few minutes to rest and eat something. the nazi continues to insist and is flat out harassing him, it was so outrageous that i stepped in and told him to leave him alone and get away from us. its funny, they are such punks because they always back down.

    i also remember being yelled at like i was murdering someone because i was like 6 inches outside of the crosswalk on a side street with zero cars coming. the attandant then kept yelling at me when i got back into the lines and told me to turn around and walk through it again. I am not kidding, it was totally insane. this was after 3 days of having nazi attandants barking at everyone to hold the railing while walking up the steps.

    this was 2006, so i cant imagine how bad it is now. its so sick what this religion has turned into.

  • losingit

    Nursing in bathrooms is so much fun- NOT! I tolerated it wiyh my firstborn for some time, but i was only able tonurse hwr for a short time. At the District Assembly one year they had us in some basement area that was utterly depressing. After the first day we decided i would nurse her discretely in my seat. We made sure to go al th wy to the top. Inever heard a peep.

    I remember also insisting that they put a changing table in the men's bathroom at both of the KHs where we attended. I harassed the elders tono end about it until they finally had enough. Funny, they told me it was something that had to be agreed upon by all of the elders in all of the congregations at that KH. i remember being so upset about it, telling the brother-- "how hard is it to get a changing table? I'll go buy one myself!"

    At the second KH I was at, they did have a separate room. But it didn't have a mirror. I spoke tothe PO and said that after nursing, it's hardto tell if my blouse is appropriately closed." Well, he didn't like me so it fell on deaf ears. I continued to insist and talk with every elder even after i stopped nursing. Finally, a good friend of mine who had just become an elder and heard me complaining both privately and publicly on the matter ran up to me after the meeting and told me to go check out the nursing room. He made sure to get the mirror. I was very happy and so was he. Now all boobies would be safely tucked away.

    Oh! And any misbehaving babies were sent with their mommies to the walk-in closet. Great times, smh....

  • whathappened

    I had to breastfeed my daughter in a tiny 2 stall bathroom while sitting on top the vanity. When another mother came in to change her baby, I would have to get up and stand to nurse my child in order to let her use the counter to change her baby's diapers. Sometimes there would be two of us sitting on the vanity breastfeeding at the same time. People would come in and take a dump and it smelled horrible. Toilets flushing constantly. Some of the more modest sisters would actually go into the stall and sit on the toilet and nurse their babies, making people wait to go to the bathroom. How undignified that situation was.

  • sir82
    its the fact that the attenadants are taught to be nazi's.

    Sorry to be slightly off topic, but if you want to see attendants in full-on Nazi mode, try getting past one to ride on an elevator at a district convention site.

  • FadeToBlack

    sir82: guilty as charged. Thanks for the memory. That was me. And actually, I can be most accomodating. I would have no problem carrying your daughter in a car seat to the nose-bleed section but don't try to get on the elevator. I need a drink, just thinking about it. What a bunch of sh*t...

  • stillin

    My wife was not going to be told where she could or could not breast feed our kids. At the KH the bathrooms were unheated, so tough sh;t, she's feeding the kid in her seat. Keeps him quiet, but for an occasional slurping noise. Well, here comes our local single elder, the one who wants all of the juicy details about sexual encounters at the judicial hearings. In my most humble voice, I told him to kiss off.

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    At last CA a sister breast fed in the row right in front of me. No one seemed to care. I was surprised though, more power to her!

  • TotallyADD

    Don't you people know you are not suppose to have kids. They get in the way of you going out in service and to meetings. When I was a kid they treated you like a ghost. They did not see you, talk to you and if you didn't move they would walk over you. So be happy you have a plywood walled area to feed your kid always reminding those without kids how bad you are for having kids. As far as breast are concerned, will that something I was told was dirty and good christians don't talk, look or want to touch. If you do have kids thats shows you are having sex. And sex is another bad thing we don't want to do. It's better to be single and spend all your time and money doing WT stuff than having kids that just get in the way of everything. (This was a public annoucement by your anti-kid WT) I feel so bad and sorry for what you wonderful mothers had to go through for this cult. Totally ADD

  • rebel8

    My mother breastfed her babies until up to age 5 because that's what Sarah did or some such crap. IIRC, she just lifted up her poncho and went at it. I remember no one reacting in any way, but I was pretty young then.

    The real solution is to not demand women go to assemblies at all, let alone for such long days.

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