The Pit of Despair, or going to the DC

by dissonance_resolved 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • clarity

    So good to just stay home or go shopping ...whatever!

    Omg when I think of those wasted years.

    Jw's arses should all be absolutely flat, with all that sitting!

    Dissonance & Sammy welcome ...glad to see you here!


  • dissonance_resolved

    I survived without any misbehavior. The sessions were very difficult to listen to- lots of negativity, over-enunciation, half-hearted applause. Hubby got sick and had to leave a day early- sorry for him, but I have to say it saved me. I have to wonder if it's cognitive dissonance causing his symptoms though. Anyhow, I spent the time during the sessions refreshing myself on and pointing out logical fallacies. A straw man, a woozle, a red herring, oh my!

  • FadeToBlack

    @dissonance_resolved: glad to hear you survived. I made it thru Saturday, but today was tough for me. One day is all I can handle. I really just wanted to stand up and shout: This is nonsense. I've had enough. And then leave.

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