Was Alias written by former JWs?

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    I’m sure SD-7 will be commenting on this topic.

    It took me a couple of weeks, but here I am.

    Not unless Robert Orci or the other folks who wrote the episodes are ex-JWs. I was mildly curious about this show and then just got hooked on it, like, I'd just spend entire Sundays watching it on DVD, an endless marathon. Of course, I had a major crush on Jennifer Garner. I think the JW guilt made me throw out one of the Season 2 discs because of the scene of her in the red, then black lingerie...but probably not before it got many a slow motion replay, I suppose...

    Obviously I picked my user name with 'Alias' as inspiration, but...I sucked at double agent stuff and got compromised pretty easily, so I suppose the name is kind of outdated and irrelevant now...

    Have you seen Nikita with Maggie Q? That's been a fun show, reminds me of Alias, which of course has some common thread with La Femme Nikita.

    Yeah, I like that one, too...it had to grow on me a little, though. But it definitely reminds me of 'Alias' too.

    The fighting scenes were very unrealistic.

    Unlike everything else in the show, of course...

    Anyway, yeah, I agree that the show got really ridiculous around Season 4 and 5, but in Season 4 I didn't so much care since it introduced me to (or she probably was there in Season 3, but I forget, haven't watched it in awhile) the lovely Mia Maestro...

    mia maestro

    ...and thus they could've been talking about anything and I wouldn't have noticed (until that bizarre season finale, at least...). Certainly Season 5 got really crazy, with Sydney going on missions while pregnant and all. Actually I kinda thought Season 2 was like the high point of the series--the way it ended was one of the most intense TV moments in my memory.

    Some really great performances in there--Lena Olin as Sydney's mom was awesome. Bradley Cooper as 'roommate stuck in the friend zone' was always memorable (he was awesome in 'Silver Linings Playbook', I might add). Carl Lumbly as Dixon--I mean, come on, he was the voice of Martian Manhunter in 'Justice League'. It lent itself to an infinite number of jokes, except he was such a serious character, I don't know, I could totally see him being like a veteran JW elder somewhere...

    dazed, that was a wonderful photo. Why I haven't bothered to Google Jennifer Garner in awhile is beyond me...I shall have to remedy that sometime.

    I think we could probably see similarities in a lot of great shows/movies/books to the JW experience. I guess it's a story that has repeated itself often through history, both fiction and non-fiction...


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    Sorry...didn't mean to turn it into a picture thread...nor did I mean for that Mia Maestro picture to be so big... But hey, can't complain...


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