I want to talk to a friend HELP

by lv4fer 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • VeniceIT

    It's great that you want to help them, but be careful. My best friend and my sister are the ones that turned us in!!!!


  • Hyghlandyr

    How long does it take to be considered "those who have simply ceased to be involved in the faith?" If I were still active when I found out these things it would have been instant. Perhaps. But I have not attended any meeting since the 1995 convention. Of course my situation is fairly unique. How many people can tell the elders that they are an apostate, and not be dfed? I told someone on yahoo that I kinda wished I had been dfed just so I could show up at the meetings. But she pointed out, it is a little victory for all of us.

    Sorry that I had not been able to record it :(

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