Everything seems to be changing... why not birthdays?

by StarTrekAngel 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • fahrvegnugen
    Personally, I wish the boys in Brooklyn would double-down across the board. Go on a witch hunt to root out all the satanic influences corrupting the congregations. Do you own any Christmas-themed movies? Disfellowshipping offense. Did you congratulate your son or daughter on becoming a year older? Disfellowshipping offense. Are you a sci-fi fan? Clean out the unholy sorcery and spirit-medium lovers from Gawd's pure crystal white flock. Oh what a wonderful day it would be if the cons running this whole shill game finally went too far and that trickle of escapees turned into a full-blown flood of disenchanted FORMER believers.
  • Vidiot

    Allowing birthdays would open up the R&F to too much non-JW social situations.

    Never gonna happen.

  • cattails
    Excellent OP. It really is all about the money with the WT. They want it all Paul, all you can give Viv, down to the last penny Lenny, all your icecream money Honey.

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