Everything seems to be changing... why not birthdays?

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  • jhine

    I did bring up the Job scripture with a JW and was told

    " but he sacrificed a burnt offering after each feast in case they had sinned , so we don't celebrate birthdays in case we inadvertantly commit a sin " paraphrased slightly .

    I agree it is all about control and or superiority .

    Fukitol , can I ask what pagan things do you associate with birthdays?


  • leaving_quietly

    Funny thing about birthdays that the normal R&F don't know: you can't be DF'd for celebrating. That was mentioned at the week-long elder school a couple of years back. Why can't you be? Birthdays are neither pagan, nor political. The only holidays you can be DF'd for are those that are pagan in nature or political in nature. It's in the elders' secret book.

    The two b'days in the bible that ended in deaths? One was someone in prison who was getting executed for whatever crime he committed. The other was "a convenient day" for Herodias' wife. (Mark 6:21) Neither should be construed to say b'days are bad. So silly.
  • Doltologist


    My feeling is that if the jovielanders are attempting, and succeeding, to control people's lives to this extent, then it's long past the time to tell the evil [email protected] where they can stick their control shyte.

  • punkofnice
    flippera month agoThe reason the GB won't let JW's celebrate Birthdays - don't ya know - is because it would take away " glory " and attention away from Governing Body members and put the attention on individual rank & file JW's- and the GB just can't have that now can they ? Wink, wink. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    Absolutely. And the money you spend on presents and the celebration is the money the GB want to protect paedophiles.
  • OrphanCrow

    StarTrekAngel - I agree with your theory that the birthday ban was put in place so that the money meant for birthdays would be freed up for "donations" to the Tower. I have thought that for years but have never done the math on it.

    Birthdays and Xmas were both celebrated at one time in the Tower religion - the old Golden Age magazines used to advertise Studies in Scriptures as a gift suggestion for Xmas. I am not sure about the birthdays but I believe that the birthday ban was put in post-WW2.

    Regardless, I do think that money was the originating factor - the control and keeping the JWs 'separate from the world" are only the results that are actually seen - the money is the primary reason.

    Hell, the Tower doesn't even want the kids to buy ice cream - how the hell could they ever have a birthday party without ice cream??

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2
    LQ...are you SURE you cannot be disfellowshipped for celebrating your or your childs birthday? I would beg to differ.
  • FayeDunaway

    I think LQ is probably right.

    And I think the birthday ban started because GOD FORBID any witness child should ever feel special one day out of the year. That would be worldly and we are no part of the world. Jehovah, and the GB by extension, are the only ones that ever deserve to feel special...

  • oppostate
    Definitely! If the GB wants kids' ice-cream money how much more the money that would have gone for b'day presents.
    Bunch of greedy money grabbers that they are!
  • Vidiot
    Don't forget that prohibiting Bdays, Xmas, and all that other stuff also further socially isolates JWs from non-JW friends and family...
  • JWdaughter



    Persecution (everyone thinks they are wierd and hearing it makes them feel persecuted)

    Can you imagine all the issues at birthday parties? Drunk parents, inappropriate gifts (like the wizard Caleb loved), one-upping the elders kids parties. . . they'd be DFing folks right and left. Elders don't have time for all that drama!

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