Follow up to my Patterson call

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  • Hyghlandyr

    Reborn, yes Aguest has long posts hehe. So do I:)

    I think he was as right on in this post. And while I am not a christian and disagree with some fundamentals of christianity, namely the literal incarnation of the christ. I really like his posts. Yours too. This board has a different flavor than yahoo chat and boards do. Of course if I can get the rest of you to join me, then any newcomers can recruited into my cult


    I could list the people that are left behind. So many faces coming to mind. Even to the point that if you are a young brother (I was) helping an old sister around her house, you have the famous, talkin to in the back room.

    On the one hand I had great experiences as a witness, and many of the witnesses made me feel really cared about. I can even still talk to them this day, with them knowing what I think and feel, and it is no problem.

    But the darker side of course is that elders are concerned about getting people to meetings, and in slavery, er service. Having them agree straight away with the doctrines, even the petty ones, with no disagreement at all.

    This is especially ...disheartening, even for a fella without morals, after someone has shown loyalty for so many years.

    I liked what Lost Diamond did. Stand up to them.

    When they know that we are unfraid of them, there is not much they can do. When we refuse to play the game by their rules, this confuses them.

    They expect old ones to just be quiet fade away, disfellowshipped ones to just sit in the back of the hall like sad little lost puppies, and they expect apostates to only say how evil they are.

    Elders will often practice confusion and misdirection. Why should we allow that? Turn it on them. When I told them they had no authority over me because it was either consented to, which I did not, or taken by violent force, which, the society is not attempting, are they? <innocent look> When I told them that god does not exist, but that the faithful and discreet slave is the sole channel of communication between men and god. When I told them that their rules prevented me ebeing dfed and I didnt want to da, but if they did then I would go to every meeting... When I did these things, when I do others, this confuses them. Why am I not fitting like a good puzzle piece? And their power fades.

    Lost Diamon took their power. I'd pat him on the back if he was here.

  • plmkrzy


    I'm glad to hear things are going in your favor and your mom's favor.
    It's nice to hear even if it's only sometimes, when something good happens.
    Good for you and your mom. I hope things keep going your way.

    Treat people as individuals do not label them otherwise you become the evil you seek to destroy.
  • AGuest

    Uh, Hyghlandyr, dear... peace to you and, uh, 'he'... uh, I mean, me... er, I mean I... am a 'she'.


    A slave of Christ,


  • Michael3000

    XENU and MAVMAN:

    While the METHOD of bilking people at the door for money changed in 1991, the RESULT is the same: WTBTS gets the cash - usually TWICE.

    They are a multinational publishing company - not a real religion.

    Thank you.

    "Any day spent NOT knocking on doors is a good day!"

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